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Aki 2019 Banzuke

Happy Banzuke Day!!!

Important Notes:

-We have three Ozeki again, with Takakeisho's demotion back to Sekiwake. He gets back to Ozeki in November with 10 wins.

-Endo has returned to Komusubi, where he joins Abi in the Japanese fan favorite line of the Banzuke.

-Terutsuyoshi is the biggest riser, going from Maegashira 16 to Maegashira 9.

-We must say farewell (for Makuuchi at least) to Yoshikaze, Kaisei, Chiyomaru, and Yago.

-We say hello to Tsurugisho, Azumaryu,Ishiura, and Yutakayama. They have all been here before, but it's been awhile for some.

-Joi-jin line, where everyone must face Yokozuna, is Maegashira 4, although enough Sanyaku wrestlers might not mount the dohyo that it could get hairy.

Now it really feels like where headed to Aki Banzuke. Power rankings on Tuesday; Rikishi Preview on Thursday.


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