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Aki 2019 Day Four Recap

M17e Takagenji (1-3) wins by oshidashi over M15w Azumaryu (3-1)

Of course, Takagenji beat Azumaryu. I mean, it's crazy because Takagenji was winless and Azumaryu was undefeated, but such is sumo.

M16e Yutakayama (3-1) wins by tsukiotoshi over M14e Tsurugisho (2-2)

Yutakayama has been ascendant again thanks to solid fundamentals, and in this match he kept his feet planted much better than Tsurugisho.

M16w Tochiozan (2-2) wins by oshidashi over M13e Kagayaki (2-2)

Tochiozan is in desperation mode, as he should be if he doesn't want to head to Juryo, but it can pay off with a win occasionally as here.

M15e Ishiura (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M13w Nishikigi (2-2)

Ishiura has been focused this basho, and here he just overwhelmed Nishikigi.

M14w Toyonoshima (1-3) wins by katasukashi over M12w Daishoho (0-4)

Daishoho is officially having the basho to forget, thanks to Toyonoshima not having it by beating Daishoho.

M12e Shohozan (2-2) wins by abisetaoshi over M11w Enho (3-1)

You've got to give it to Enho for having the most entertaining match and an odd kimarite even when he loses. Here, he had his usual up-and-under wild face-off, but Shohozan decided to try and power him straight down. He withstood one fall by a matter of inches between the clay and his rear end, but couldn't do it a second time and lost.

M10w Meisei (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M11e Onosho (1-3)

Meisei continues his rebound basho with a straightforward win over Onosho.

M9w Kotoyuki (2-2) wins by tsukidashi over M10 Sadanoumi (1-3)

Kotoyuki got the initial advantage over Sadanoumi at the tachiai, which allowed him to win despite a wild approach

M8e Okinoumi (4-0) wins by kotenage over M8w Takarafuji (2-2)

Okinoumi has gone unblemished thanks to being technically on-point. Against Takarafuji, he withstood a tachiai, and reversed into a note perfect kotenage.

M7w Kotoeko (1-3) wins by oshidashi over M9e Terutsuyoshi (1-3)

Terutsuyoshi is out of sorts this tournament, and being so out of sorts allowed Kotoeko to get the best of a pushing battle.

M7e Kotoshogiku (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M5e Chiyotairyu (1-3)

Kotoshogiku beat Chiyotairyu, as he usually does, by taking on his massive tachiai and then planting his grip.

M6w Myogiryu (3-1) wins by yorikiri over M5w Ryuden (2-2)

Myogiryu bottled up Ryuden's long arms and kept moving forward, which never allowed Ryuden to get his offense started.

M4w Shodai (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M6e Shimanoumi (1-3)

Shodai actually got up and had a good tachiai and showed Shimanoumi out. Probably won't see him do that in a match again for awhile.

M3e Daieisho (1-3) wins by tsukidashi over M4e Tamawashi (2-2)

Weirdly, Daieisho beat Tamawashi by launching with a nodowa from the start. Good first win for Daieisho.

K1w Endo (3-1) wins by yorikiri over M2w Asanoyama (2-2)

Endo prevented Asanoyama's left-hand grip, but Asanoyama still pushed him to the edge. From there, Endo performed a remarkable reversal to get an exciting yorikiri, of all things.

S1e Mitakeumi (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M1w Aoiyama (0-4)

Mitakeumi just beat Aoiyama by a half-step, getting an easy win over the Bulgarian.

S1w Takakeisho (4-0) wins by oshidashi over M3w Tomokaze (2-2)

Today, Tomokaze learned just how hard Takakeisho can shove a man, which is very hard indeed.

O1w Goeido (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M1e Hokutofuji (1-3)

The good Goeido showed up gain after his first loss.

K1e Abi (3-1) wins by hansoku over O2e Tochinoshin (1-3)

This was Tochinoshin's match, but when he turned Abi sideways and down, he grabbed his hair. Thus, Abi won by "hansoku," a foul.

Y1e Kakuryu (4-0) wins by katasukashi over M2e Ichinojo (1-3)

Kakuryu handily redirected Ichinojo to win his fourth. The real story, though, is that Ichinojo fell sideways and all of his immense weight landed directly on his right elbow. Likely, that will lead to an Ichinojo kyujo, judging from how he was holding his right arm.

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