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Aki 2019 Power Rankings

With the release of the banzuke, the Power Rankings for the Aki basho can be compiled. A quick reminder about methodology. A rikishi's Power Ranking score is three times his most recent point total, two times his second most recent point total, one time his third most recent point total, plus a bonus for any Sanyaku rank (50 for a Yokozuna, 30 for an Ozeki, 20 for a Sekiwake, and 10 for a Komusubi.) All Juryo basho are credited with the rikishi's win total. So the Nagoya performance is worth three times as much as the Haru performance. Got it? If not, hopefully the chart will help.

Some notes about this set of rankings:

  • The top spot goes to Kakuryu. I'm sure everyone is surprised that the Yokozuna who just went 14-1 is above every other rikishi. It should be pointed out that he'd be there if we ignored bonuses. He's the only rikishi with three straight double digit win performances.

  • If you did want to remove the rank bonuses, Tomokaze would be the second ranked wrestler here. It's also not due to a recent hot streak, as he has still not had a make-koshi in his professional career.

  • Terutsuyoshi would be third in a bonus-less system. His Natsu and Haru performances can only drag him down so far after his impressive showing in Nagoya.

  • The rikishi who are most helped by the bonuses are the injured Goeido, Tochinoshin, and Takakeisho. Goeido would be mid-table on this without his Ozeki bonus. Tochinoshin would be near the bottom without his, and Takakeisho would be bringing up the rear without the extra 20 points for being a Sekiwake.

  • There's a weird falloff between Onosho at 78 points and Toyonishima at 68 points. Onosho is ranked 32nd, or the final draft choice in a Fantasy Basho league. It's nice when these rankings can be so clear.

  • However, so many rikishi, like maybe all the Ozeki, are injury questions going into Aki that some of that lower tier is going to play a role for somebody. The Power Rankings might as well be telling you to throw a dart to make your final selection.

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