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Aki 2019 Recap Day Three

M16w Tochiozan (1-2) wins by oshidashi over M17e Takagenji (0-3)

Tochiozan has really struggled so far in Aki, but he was still able to beat Takagenji. That should tell you all you need to know about how Takagenji is doing.

M15w Azumaryu (3-0) wins by okuridashi over M16e Yutakayama (2-1)

It is not just that Azumaryu is winning in Makuuchi after five years in Juryo, it's that he basically bossed a very game looking Yutakayama on Day Three.

M15e Ishiura (2-1) wins by tsukiotoshi over M14w Toyonoshima (0-3)

The much more toned Ishiura did a little mini-henka in the middle of the match to send Toyonoshima to the clay.

M14e Tsurugisho (2-1) wins by hatakikomi over M13w Nishikigi (2-1)

Despite it being his first top division tournament, Tsurugisho had Nishikigi perfectly scouted.

M13e Kagayaki (2-1) wins by hikiotoshi over M12w Daishoho (0-3)

Daishoho was working pretty hard in this match, but Kagayaki was always holding the advantage.

M11e Onosho (1-2) wins by oshidashi over M12e Shohozan (1-2)

Apparently, that Onosho can still show up on the dohyo.

M11w Enho (3-0) wins by yorikiri over M9w Kotoyuki (1-2)

This was the most impressive yorikiri you'd ever want to see. Enho went under, fought off some slap down attempts, then spun Kotoyuki around by the side of his mawashi. Eventually, that got Kotoyuki out of the ring and into the crowd.

M10w Meisei (2-1) wins by okuridashi over M9e Terutsuyoshi (1-2)

Meisei has found his rhythm once again, while last basho's star man Terutsuyoshi is fairly off.

M8w Takarafuji (2-1) wins by hatakikomi over M10e Sadanoumi (1-2)

This has a mono-ii, because the two solid sekitori went over simultaneously. Sadanoumi crashed harder and just ahead of Takarafuji stepping out.

M8e Okinoumi (3-0) wins by uwatenage over M7w Kotoeko (0-3)

Okinoumi showed Kotoeko how tough it is to move up in rank to face experienced veterans.

M7e Kotoshogiku (1-2) wins by yorikiri over M6w Myogiryu (2-1)

Myogiryu had the early advantage, but then he let Kotoshogiku get the hug-n-chug going and that was all she wrote.

M5w Ryuden (2-1) wins by yorikiri over M6e Shimanoumi (1-2)

Ryuden had one of his fairly typical awkward yorikiri wins here, which might keep working.

M5e Chiyotairyu (1-2) wins by oshidashi over M4w Shodai (1-2)

Chiyotairyu did not simply bowl over Shodai at the tachiai. Instead, he needed three charges to take Shodai over.

M3w Tomokaze (2-1) wins by hatakikomi over M4e Tamawashi (2-1)

Tomokaze just took Tamawashi's big, mean nodowa and sent him down. He sure looks like he wants to fend off that first losing record.

K1e Abi (2-1) wins by hatakikomi over M3e Daieisho (0-3)

Abi successfully disrupted Daieisho with his double-arm start, but the Daieisho regrouped. At that point, Abi did a wildly effective reach-behind/pull-down that saw him almost step out before Daieisho went down.

S1w Takakeisho (3-0) wins by hatakikomi over M2w Asanoyama (2-1)

Takakeisho is underrated as a tactician, because he can't grapple and he pretty much is always shoving as hard as possible. Here, though, he didn't allow Asanoyama's left hand grip to gain traction and moved backward to take advantage of Asanoyama's forward momentum.

S1e Mitakeumi (2-1) wins by yorikiri over M2e Ichinojo (1-2)

It looked like Ichinojo was looking for a slap down and Mitakeumi knew it, so he just put his head in the giant Mongolian's chest.

O2e Tochinoshin (1-2) wins by yoritaoshi over M1e Hokutofuji (1-2)

Tochinoshin immediately landed his favored Mawashi grip, which was always going to mean trouble for Hokutofuji. It should be pointed out, though, that Tochinoshin did not quickly dispatch Hokutofuji when he took him to the edge.

K1w Endo (2-1) wins by yorikiri over O1w Goeido (2-1)

That Goeido showed up and Endo took full advantage.

Y1e Kakuryu (3-0) wins by hatakikomi over M1w Aoiyama (0-3)

An easy and typical Kakuryu hatakikomi. It's still his basho, and he seems to have barely expended any energy.

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