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Aki 2021 Day Thirteen



Yusho Arasoi

11 wins

Y1w Terunofuji

10 wins

M6w Onosho

M10w Myogiryu

M11e Endo

9 wins

M8e Okinoumi

Notable Maneuvers

Sukuinage. Not only did Myogiryu execute a great beltless arm throw against a charging Takakeisho, but he kept his feet from stepping out as he did it.

Match of the Day

Maegashira 13 East Kagayaki versus Maegashira 12 West Tochinoshin

Tochinoshin's knees are not getting any better, but he's been finding ways to win. Against Kagyaki, the former Ozeki tried his not-fast-enough-for-a-full-henka sideways step and grab move. Kagayaki ate him alive initially anyway, and it looked like an easy yorikiri. Then the big Georgia began fighting back steadily and fiercely. After moving Kagayaki back, he won with a big uwatenage.


Mathematically, only four rikishi can possibly beat Terunofuji to the yusho. Onosho, Myogiryu, and Endo are all one loss behind, while Okinoumi sits two back. That quartet will all be hoping Terunofuji drops two matches. Okinoumi in particular needs Terunofuji to lose on both weekend days to see a playoff. If he loses both remaining matches, the trio at 10 wins can take the yusho by winning out.

On Day Fourteen, Myogiryu faces Shodai, Onosho gets Meisei, Okinoumi goes against Mitakeumi, and Endo will see Ichinojo. Those will be the last four matches, except for one. Terunofuji will close against Takakeisho, someone whose loss to Myogiryu means he cannot take the yusho. Yet he is an Ozeki and it is traditional to have the Yokozuna and Ozeki face off last. That would indicate the Ozeki East, Shodai, will be Terunofuji's final opponent.

The schedule makers could be happy with keeping playoff possibilities alive. Takakeisho can topple Terunofuji, since they have been extremely closely matched recently. Yet even with that, Terunofuji will receive the Emperor's Cup with a win on the final day, no matter the identity of his opponent. In some ways, the final matchups don't really matter. Terunofuji is still above the rest.

Also, the chase pack is not full of obvious threats. Onosho, Endo, Myogiryu, and Okinoumi are veteran rikishi who have had strong records before. They have even occasionally been in it this late before. None of them have won a yusho, and the highest ranked wrestler among this group is Onosho at Maegashira 6 West. Even if there is a multi-man playoff, Terunofuji is absolutely the favorite.

On Day Thirteen, Mitakeumi started very well against Terunofuji, standing him up and looking to have the advantage. The Yokozuna still prevailed. He stopped his backward momentum, got his left hand onto Mitakeumi's mawashi, and was willing to wait him out. It wasn't the prettiest or most impressive sumo, but it got the job done. That is how Terunofuji has won 11 matches so far, and it is how he will win if he keeps it up.

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