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Aki 2023 Day Five

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Yusho Arasoi

03 Ozeki #1 West Takakeisho

18 Maegashira #5 East Gonoyama

20 Maegashira #6 East Onosho

22 Maegashira #7 East Takayasu

28 Maegashira #10 East Kinbozan

30 Maegashira #11 East Mitakeumi

38 Maegashira #15 East Atamifuji

41 Maegashira #16 West Tsurugisho

Notable Maneuvers

Tsukiotoshi. Shodai's "What if I go backward until the edge, then feel where my opponent and go sideways" dance is not model sumo, but it got him the thrust down win over Ura.

Match of the Day

Kirishima and Asanoyama very quickly locked up head on in a somewhat mirrored grip. The key difference in position was that Asanoyama slightly more upright to put more pressure on Kirishima when they were still. They didn't stay still. They also didn't separate. Asanoyama kept the pressure, but Kirishima kept going for leg trips. Eventually, it was a leg trip that sent Asanoyama down hard.


Finally, the Ozeki corps all held strong, although it was a day when plenty of contenders lost. Onosho, Kinbozan, and Atamifuji all entered the day undefeated, and all three picked up their first defeat. An astonishing eight rikishi share the lead after the first third of the basho. More remarkably, the only Sanyaku man in the pack is Ozeki Takakeisho. The next 4-1 man is Maegashira #5 East Gonoyama.

Takakeisho is in the best spot among contenders, however that is defined, but he has certainly not been invulnerable. His pushing and thrusting looks like his best form, but he isn't battering people back like he always could. His four victories came from ring awareness and sensing when to slap someone down or shove someone aside. His loss came from getting too far forward. He could win this thing and reignite Yokozuna talk. He could also fall apart in the final week.

That assessment could generally be true for everyone in contention. Mitakeumi is the only former yusho winner among the 4-1 group, while Takayasu has a collection of Jun-Yusho to his name. Their last year or so would not suggest they are still fighting at that level. Their veteran awareness and steadiness has placed them here now. Other 4-1 veterans include Onosho and Tsurugisho. Onosho was a promising youngster who has been a mid-Maegashira for years, while Tsurugisho has been in a Juryo-Makuuchi yo-yo recently.

Gonoyama, Kinbozan, and Atamifuji are a little more interesting as relative newcomers to the top division. Gonoyama and Atamifuji are in their second Makuuchi basho, although Gonoyama debuted last time out and Atamifuji had a disastrous appearance last November. Kinbozan debuted in March. Gonoyama is on the verge of getting serious Sanyaku opponents for the first time. Kinbozan and Atamifuji will see similar schedules if they keep this up.

So the safest bet for the next few days is that the leaderboard will change. Among the three loss rikishi, Kirishima, Wakamotoharu, and Kotonowaka are all positioned to make a dent in how the yusho plays out. There will also be two 4-1 matchups on Day Six, between Gonoyama and Takayasu as well as Mitakeumi and Atamifuji. The results so far mean each day can shake up what's happening. The best thing will be to kick back and enjoy the ride.

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