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Aki 2023 Predictions

We're hours away from live sumo, but you can still sign up to play for the Aki Basho on Fantasizr!


After the long wait between bashos, real sumo is about to start. So let's take that pre-basho tradition and take a gander at my predictions.

The Nagoya Predictions had some flaws, most notably that Terunofuji did not win the yusho. In fact, he crashed out after three days with his recurring injury problems. Hoshoryu was predicted for 11 wins, just one off his yusho winning total. I also saw debutants Hakuoho and Gonoyama getting double-digit wins like they eventually did. Kotonowaka doing well in Sanyaku was also predicted accurately.

On the other hand, the terrible misses were there, too. Not only did Terunofuji struggle with injuries, but Kirishima was out the first few days and couldn't get his 8 to avoid immediate Kadoban. Asanoyama missed a few days himself, although he did it in the middle of the tournament. That obviously messed with their numbers. Then there were the plain bad calls, like assuming Nishikigi and Tobizaru would fall flat, while youngsters Hiradoumi and Hokuseiho were ready for career-high ranks.

Take these as 50-50 shots, then. It's a fun, last-minute thing, and maybe I will be right and get to crow about it in two months time. If I am right, enjoy the Kirishima yusho, the return of a strong Ozeki corps, and the Makuuchi career of Atamifuji getting kickstarted.

See you tomorrow for the real results.

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