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Banzuke Day! Nagoya 2019

It's Banzuke Day for the Nagoya basho. Well, it is in Japan, where it is already Monday morning. But forget time zones, because we have the Banzuke:

Initial thoughts and observations:

  • Abi and Ryuden are making their Sanyaku debuts as Komusubi East and West after double digit wins at Natsu. Good for them.

  • Asanoyama is not making his Sanyaku debut after 12 wins and a yusho. He is still the highest riser, jumping a full seven slots.

  • Shimanoumi (6 ranks), Daishoho (5 ranks), and Kotoeko (5 ranks) are the other big risers. Those are largely thanks to some very weird collections of records at the bottom of the Banzuke and appropriate promotion and relegation maneuvering being difficult.

  • The Juryo promotions show this well. Takagenji is all the way at Maegashira 10 West after his 13 wins in Juryo during May. Toyonoshima's perfectly adequate 8 wins at Juryo 1 East gets Maegashira 14 East. Kototuki slides in at Maegashira 16 East after an impressive 11 wins from Juryo 6.

  • The holdovers in lower Maegashira are holding steady despite largely losing records. Chiyomaru, Sadanoumi, and Enho all stay in the same place after 7-8 basho at Natsu.

  • The joi-jin line, above which everyone sees the top ranks, is Maegashira 3 West, so Shodai and Daiesho are the ones with the toughest luck. Meisei and Ichinojo might be able to use an easier opening slate to their advantage.

  • Relatedly, the Rikishi in the beneficial Maegashira 8 to 10 range are Onosho, Okinoumi, Shohozan, Daishoho, Kotoeko, and Takagenji. Make of that what you will.

With the Banzuke out, real planning for Nagoya can begin. Tuesday will have Power Rankings published on this site, while Thursday should have the big Rikishi-by-Rikishi preview.

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