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Fantasy Basho Hatsu 2021 is Live!

The game for the Hatsu basho is officially live and available to play on Fantasizr:

Follow that link to create your own league or join a public game in the usual draft style game.

Or, brand new for 2021, a Daily Fantasy Basho game that allows you to pick a brand new team every single day of the tournament. There is a budget, so you can't just pick the top performers again and again. Prove you can tell who will win every day and win our brand new daily game.

Before the basho starts, there will be a few more posts. Look out for the usual rikishi-by-rikishi preview, a return of the Power Rankings, and a revisiting of last year's The Next Yokozuna series.

And, of course, the action all begins on January 10th!

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