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Fantasy Basho is LIVE on Fantasizr for Hatsu 2024

The Fantasy Basho game is now available for registration on Fantasizr for the Hatsu 2024 tournament. You can create your own private league or join the public league. Either way, you'll have until January 14th to make your first lineup before Day One action. This is a longer time than usual between Banzuke release and the start of the tournament. For the New Year's tournament, the JSA likes to have it out well before the New Year's holiday.

Remember, you'll be picking your squad of four rikishi according to a budget based on rank. You can't just pick four Sanyaku men and get on with it. Your ability to spot that standout lower Maegashira is important, too. Below is the Banzuke alongside the Fantasy Basho budget, along with some notes.

  • Wakamotoharu has fallen out of the Sanyaku ranks, which means we once again have the traditional two Sekiwake and two Komusubi. Kotonowaka and, less so, Daieisho, have theoretical Ozeki chances if they put up monster win totals. Ura makes his Sanyaku debut after a rollercoaster career. Takayasu returns to Sanyaku after a year away.

  • Joining Wakamotoharu at Maegashira #1 is Atamifuji. This comes on the back of two straight Jun-Yushos, although in just the 21-year-old's second and third career Makuuchi basho. This is the impressive youngster's first real test. He will be seeing the entirety of Sanyaku, almost certainly within the first week.

  • The joi-jin line, the point at which everyone above it automatically faces each other, is Maegashira #4 West Shodai. Due to injuries, the ban on intra-stable bouts, and the desire for interesting scheduling does not mean they all absolutely will face everyone else. Ryuden and Nishikigi need to be reay to see some Sanyaku men, certainly.

  • Along with Ura, career high ranks are achieved by Ichiyamamoto, Onosato, and Shimazuumi. Ichiyamamoto is at Maegashira #7 East due to his Jun-Yusho. This will be the most significant challenge he has ever seen in a basho. Good luck to him. Onosato and Shimazuumi are making their Makuuchi debuts. Shimazuumi. Shimazuumi is a 27 year old yorikiri specialist who has grinded his way to sumo's top division.

  • Onosato is something else entirely. As Nakamura Daiki, he won 13 amateur sumo titles. That is a record and unseen dominance of amazumo. Upon joining ex-Kisenosato's Nishonoseki stable, he adopted the name Onosato and has gone 34-10 in four pro bashos. That includes two straight 12-3 records in Juryo, with the last being a playoff loss. The ceiling is as high as anyone for Onosato. What he may do in January is uncertain, but just know that he is used to winning and has the ideal combination of strength, skill, and size for a rikishi.

Check back here for updates, as well as some special pieces, before the start of live action.

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