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Haru 2019 Day Eleven Recap

It's all coming down to the business end of the basho. How is everyone holding out? Well, that's a bit complicated, really.

J3w Daiamami (4-7) wins by uwatenage over M15w Kotoeko (6-5)

Kotoeko's great tournament has hit a bit of a skid of late, and here he lost to a Juryo visitor who is underwater.

M14e Terutsuyoshi (3-8) wins by yorikiri over M17e Chiyoshoma (6-5)

Terutsuyoshi might have found his abilities in Makuuchi, but it might be too late to stay. His match with Chiyoshoma was predictably wild, but somehow ended with a simple force out.

M13w Kagayaki (7-4) wins by hatakikomi over M14w Toyonoshima (3-8)

This match guarantees Toyonoshima a losing record in his Makuuchi return. It might also have guaranteed Kagayaki the ability to stay up for May.

M11w Meisei (7-4) wins by yorikiri over M16e Daishoho (4-7)

Meisei gets a functional win, which also gets him one win away from a Kachi-Koshi and a further advancement up the Banzuke. Daishoho is probably headed back to Juryo.

M10w Yago (4-7) wins by hatakikomi over M16w Yutakayama (3-8)

Yago won an ugly one to stave off Make-Koshi-dom. He grabbed Yutakayama's head to pull him to the clay, and after a mono-ii the judges said it was not a hair pull.

M13e Tomokaze (6-5) wins by hatakikomi over M9e Sadanoumi (3-8)

Tomokaze rather easily slapped down Sadanoumi, despite the fact Sadanoumi got a good initial position.

M8w Kotoshogiku (9-2) wins by oshidashi over M15e Ishiura (6-5)

Kotoshogiku easily handled Ishiura who seemed to think he would possibly be able to attack the much larger and more powerful man head on.

M11e Ryuden (8-3) wins by yorikiri over M8e Asanoyama (7-4)

Ryuden secures his Kachi-Koshi in a match where he got a series of small victories over Asanoyama and finally wore him down to get the big victory.

M6w Abi (4-7) wins by tsukidashi over M10e Shohozan (5-6)

This match is either proof Abi's style can still get him a winning record or merely a delay of his eventual losing record.

M6e Okinoumi (6-5) wins by kotenage over M9w Ikioi (1-10)

Okinoumi gets a win over Ikioi, who is looking like a guaranteed win for the rest of the basho.

M12w Yoshikaze (8-3) wins by hatakikomi over M5w Onosho (4-7)

Yoshikaze continues to defy father time, while Onosho is still working out some of the kinks in his sumo.

M4w Ichinojo (10-1) wins by hatakikomi over M7e Aoiyama (9-2)

This was a truly great match. Two in-form super heavyweights, both one win off the Yusho leader, and they ended up having a fierce shoving match. Ichinojo withstood Aoiyama well enough to go for a toss to the ground, which worked despite being sloppy enough to be called a slap down.

M7w Takarafuji (5-6) wins by yorikiri over M4e Tochiozan (2-9)

Takarafuji took great advantage of Tochiozan's lessened form this tournament. Is it an injury or a confidence issue? Always impossible to know with sumo.

M3w Shodai (2-9) wins by oshidashi over M2w Myogiryu (4-7)

Shodai is now on a run after a horrible nine match losing streak to start the Haru basho.

M3e Nishikigi (3-8) wins by hikiotoshi over M1e Kaisei (1-10)

Kaisei is definitely having a problem with his legs, because he has had such poor balance and lower body strength.

M1w Endo (4-7) wins by oshidashi K1w Hokutofuji (3-8)

Endo has turned his basho around, and he not only secured Hokutofuji's fall out the Sanyaku ranks for Natsu, but keeps the possibility he replaces him alive.

K1e Mitakeumi (5-6) wins by oshidashi over M2e Daieisho (5-6)

Mitakeumi's uneven performances seem to once again improve with an easier dance card, and he's got only Maegashira left.

O1e Takayasu (9-2) wins by tsukiotoshi over O2e Tochinoshin (6-5)

Tochinoshin's Ozeki rank is in more trouble, as he needs two wins from the highest ranked rikishi to get there. Takayasu, meanwhile, keeps pace in the yusho race.

O1w Goeido (9-2) wins by oshidashi over M5e Chiyotairyu (6-5)

Goeido's run in Osaka has been something to behold. Here he took Chiyotairyu's powerful tachiai in stride and very simply pushed him back out to win.

Y1w Kakuryu (9-2) wins by hikiotoshi over S1w Tamawashi (4-7)

It wasn't pretty, but Kakuryu managed to toss/smack/slide Tamawashi around and down just before he hit the ground himself.

Y1e Hakuho (11-0) wins by uwatenage over S1e Takakeisho (8-3)

Hakuho gets his revenge for Takakeisho's win in January, and he remains the Yusho leader. Yet Takakeisho's Ozeki run is still alive after he gave Hakuho a great match.

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