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Haru 2019 Day Nine Recap

J1e Shimanoumi (8-1) wins by oshidashi over M16w Yutakayama (3-6)

This was Shimanoumi guaranteeing he will join Makuuchi for May, while it might have also sealed a Yutakayama demotion.

M16e Daishoho (4-5) wins by oshitaoshi over M14w Toyonoshima (2-7)

Daishoho made it to the top by consistently being just above average, which he is trending towards now. Toyonoshima looks like he spent all his energy in getting back to the top.

M12w Yoshikaze (6-3) wins by hikiotoshi over M17e Chiyoshoma (5-4)

Chiyoshoma's wildness and tricks don't works as well when someone just lowers down and goes at him, which is basically what Yoshikaze's whole approach is.

M11w Meisei (5-4) wins by yorikiri over M15w Kotoeko (6-3)

Meisei got in on Kotoeko very quickly, making Kotoeko unable to deploy any offense before being backed out.

M15e Ishiura (6-3) wins by hikiotoshi over M11e Ryuden (6-3)

In a matchup of two lower-ranked overperformers, Ishiura outfoxed the steady Ryuden.

M10w Yago (3-6) wins by hatakikomi over M14e Terutsuyoshi (2-7)

Terutsuyoshi actually managed an advantageous position, but he seemed physically unable to actually put away Yago, allowing the larger man to prevail.

M10e Shohozan (5-4) wins by tsukiotoshi over M13w Kagayaki (5-4)

Shohozan has been odd this tournament, as he seems to alternate between looking great and hopeless. Today was great.

M13e Tomokaze (5-4) wins by hatakikomi over M7w Takarafuji (4-5)

Tomokaze showed why he shot through the lower ranks, as he withstood everything Takarafuji threw at him and slapped him right down.

M7e Aoiyama (8-1) wins by katasukashi over M9w Ikioi (1-8)

At least against Aoiyama, Ikioi only looked painfully like he should retire for a short time.

M8w Kotoshogiku (7-2 )wins by oshidashi over M6w Abi (2-7)

Abi might be injured. He has had little force on his thrusting, and in this match he got Kotoshogiku on the edge of the dohyo facing outside, but couldn't get to him fast enough and instead was shoved out himself.

M6e Okinoumi (5-4) wins by kotenage over M9e Sadanoumi (3-6)

The 'noumi battle was won in a perhaps surprising kotenage, but Okinoumi has looked energized after a rough start to the bash.

M8e Asanoyama (6-3) wins by hatakikomi over M5w Onosho (4-5)

Onosho went after Asanoyama's left arm to stop him getting his preferred grip, but all he did was end up too far to the side and Asanoyama won with a simple slap down.

M3e Nishikigi (2-7) wins by tsukidashi over M2e Daieisho (4-5)

Nishikigi-mentum! His second straight win could signal a renewed charge as he is done with Sanyaku rikishi.

M1w Endo (3-6) wins by oshidashi over M2w Myogiryu (3-6)

Endo looks like he wants to do all he can to avoid make-koshi. In other words, this was not a good looking win.

K1w Hokutofuji (3-6) wins by katasukashi over M1e Kaisei (1-8)

Hokutofuji continued his streak of having entertaining matches, but at least on Day Nine, he won over Kaisei.

S1e Takakeisho (7-2) wins by tsukiotoshi over M5e Chiyotairyu (5-4)

This was always going to be a slugfest, and Takakeisho just thrusted that much more powerfully, also keeping his Ozeki hopes alive.

M4w Ichinojo (8-1) wins by kotenage over O1w Goeido (7-2)

Ichinojo stays in the Yusho race, while undermining Goeido's chances. Ichinojo didn't return to his earlier style in this basho of throwing his opponent aside quickly, but he got there eventually after struggling with a motivated Goeido.

O1e Takayasu (8-1) wins by oshidashi over S1w Tamawashi (4-5)

Takayasu is looking strong without being spectacular so far, which might be to his advantage. He won a legitimate shoving match over Tamawashi, which is really saying something.

O2e Tochinoshin (6-3) wins by uwatenage over M3w Shodai (0-9)

Shodai finally looked fairly strong, but still lost. Tochinoshin never had a great grip, and Shodai was grabbing his mawashi with a double underarm grip at the knot. The Georgia still got in a position where he could toss him over.

Y1w Kakuryu (8-1) wins by oshidashi over M4e Tochiozan (1-8)

Kakuryu is still the best defensive wrestler in sumo, and that's even more true when he faces weak offense like Tochiozan provided on Day Nine.

Y1e Hakuho (9-0) wins by yorikiri over K1e Mitakeumi (3-6)

Mitakeumi got Hakuho stalled out for a moment, which could be considered a moral victory. But Hakuho is Hakuho and wiggled his hips enough to force Mitakeumi out in the end.

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