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Haru 2019 Day Twelve Recap

J2w Enho (7-5) wins by oshidashi over M14w Toyonoshima (3-9)

Enho probably secured Toyonoshima's demotion to Juryo, while also inching closer to his promotion to Makuuchi.

M13e Tomokaze (7-5) wins by oshidashi over M15e Ishiura (6-6)

Tomokaze has struggled in Makuuchi when facing guys his size, but Ishiura is decidely not Tomokaze's size.

M13w Kagayaki (8-4) wins by yorikiri over M15w Kotoeko (6-6)

Kotoeko needs to find whatever form he had in the first week if he wants to avoid demotion. Kagayaki secures his winning record.

M12w Yoshikaze (9-3) wins by hatakikomi over M16w Yutakayama (3-9)

Yoshikaze's surprisingly good basho and Yuytakama's surprisingly bad basho continue apace.

M11w Meisei (8-4) wins by yoritaoshi over M17e Chiyoshoma (6-6)

Meisei will keep climbing up the banzuke in May after he gets his 8th win, and Chiyoshoma is still fighting for his Makuuchi life.

M16e Daishoho (5-7) wins by uwatenage over M9w Ikioi (1-11)

Commenting on Ikioi matches has becomes excessively sad.

M7e Aoiyama (10-2) wins by hikiotoshi over M11e Ryuden (8-4)

Aoiyama is just too strong and powerful for Ryuden to handle.

M7w Takarafuji (6-6) wins by yorikiri over M10w Yago (4-8)

Takarafuji's solid approach won the day over Yago, who is certainly having some issues in his second Makuuchi go round.

M6e Okinoumi (7-5) wins by yorikiri over M10e Shohozan (5-7)

Knowing Shohozan is a master brawler, Okinoumi just went right in to get a grip and forced him out.

M6w Abi (5-7) wins by hatakikomi over M14e Terutsuyoshi (3-9)

Abi once again staves off Make-Koshi for another day by dancing around and slapping around Terutsuyoshi.

M8w Kotoshogiku (10-2) wins by tsukiotoshi over M5e Chiyotairyu (6-6)

Kotoshogiku shook off Chiyotairyu's thunderous charge and took matters into his own hands for double digit wins.

M5w Onosho (5-7) wins by oshidashi over M9e Sadanoumi (3-9)

Onosho got somewhat back on form, as his balance looked much better against Sadanoumi.

M4w Ichinojo (11-1) wins by uwatenage over M8e Asanoyama (7-5)

You could argue that Asanoyama had a good match here, landing a solid grip and moving on Ichinojo, but that in the end it just did not matter with Ichinojo's current form.

M2e Daieisho (6-6) wins by tsukiotoshi M4e Tochiozan (2-10)

Tochiozan definitely is among the rikishi who just want this basho to be over with already.

M1e Kaisei (2-10) wins by yorikiri over M3w Shodai (2-10)

These two also just want the basho to be over with already.

M2w Myogiryu (5-7) wins by yorikiri over K1e Mitakeumi (5-7)

Mitakeumi has to be injured with his performance, but Myogiryu also deserves credit for getting a great position from the start.

K1w Hokutofuji (4-8) wins by oshidashi over M3e Nishikigi (3-9)

Hokutofuji has fought well all tournament, with little to show for it in terms of record, but he got a nice win over Nishikigi on Day Twelve.

S1w Tamawashi (5-7) wins by oshidashi over M1w Endo (4-8)

Tamawashi was dead to rights a couple of times in this match, and he had Endo on the edge before finally shoving him out. It was fun and exciting, if rather ugly, sumo.

O1w Goeido (10-2) wins by hatakikomi over S1e Takakeisho (8-4)

Goeido might have just stopped Takakeisho's Ozeki run with this match, as well as keeping himself in shouting distance of the yusho race.

Y1e Hakuho (12-0) wins by yorikiri over O2e Tochinoshin (6-6)

Tochinoshin was always at a distinct disadvantage against Hakuho, as he had beat him once before and was seriously hampered by his knee all tournament. Despite that, he got Hakuho in a brief stalemate and made the dai-Yokozuna work to stay perfect.

O1e Takayasu (10-2) wins by uwatenage over Y1w Kakuryu (9-3)

Takayasu shows that he can play with the big boys and maintains a spot in the yusho race by tossing around a Yokozuna on Day Twelve.

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