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Haru 2019 Power Rankings

The Fantasy Basho Power Rankings for Haru are officially here. As a reminder, the rankings are relatively simple. The formula is (Most Recent Basho Points X 3) + (Second Most Recent Basho Points X 2) + (Third Most Recent Basho) + a Bonus for Sanyaku rank. The Bonus is allocated as 50 points for a Yokuzuna, 30 points for an Ozeki and 10 points for the Sekiwake and Komusubi. ANy Juryo wins count for one point instead of the two in the regular Fantasy Basho game for a Makuuchi win.

Before you see the rankings, here are a few notes:

  • The difference between Takayasu and Takakeisho is two points, although Takayasu gets twenty more points from his bonus. Of course, Takakeisho was as close as someone can be to an Ozeki promotion for Haru while still being a Sekiwake, so it's probably fair to consider him as essentially number one. These two have quite clearly been the two best rikishi over the last three tournaments.

  • Goeido and Hakuho are tied for third. In almost no other way are these two considered equals, but it's worth remembering Hakuho gets a 0 for Kyushu due to being kyujo for the whole tournament. Goiedo does at least compete to start most basho.

  • Daieisho is a surprise to be ranked as high as he is, and sitting at Maegashira 2, a new career high, won't be pleasant. But he has won 8, 9, and 9 matches over the last three basho.

  • Tomokaze is probably lower than he deserves, because he's an unusual circumstances. The "5" for Aki is because he went 5-2 in Makushita then, and in two Juryo tournaments, he won 12 and 10 matches. He is a fast riser and could make real noise.

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