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Haru 2019 Recap Day Four

M16w Yutakayama (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M17e Chiyoshoma (2-2)

Yutakayama has looked out of sorts the past few basho, maybe he's finally fully healthy and can put up some real numbers.

M15w Kotoeko (3-1) wins by kotenage over J2w Enho (3-1)

Kotoeko beats the day's Juryo visitor, Enho, who is a mighty mite type that is probably joining Makuuchi full time in May.

M16e Daishoho (2-2) wins by hatakikomi over M13e Tomokaze (2-2)

These two are evenly matched size wise, but it looked like Tomokaze was still going to overwhelm Daishoho. Instead, the Mongolian neatly sidestepped and slapped Tomokaze down.

M15e Ishiura (4-0) wins by okuridashi over M13w Kagayaki (1-3)

Ishiura continues his hot start by outmuscling the much bigger Kagayaki. He is maybe the most in-form rikishi at the moment.

M14w Toyonoshima (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M12w Yoshikaze (2-2)

Toyonoshima faced the one guy who is more of a veteran than him in terms of time in sumo and handled him fairly easily.

M14e Terutsuyoshi (1-3) wins by oshidashi over M11w Meisei (2-2)

Terutsuyoshi gets his first win in the top division on Day Four in what was, for him a fairly straightforward match.

M9e Sadanoumi (1-3) wins by yorikiri over M11e Ryuden (3-1)

There's the functional, effective Sadanoumi that has been missing so far in Osaka.

M8e Asanoyama (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M10w Yago (1-3)

What was impressive in this match from Asanoyama was his regrouping, as in the past he would face his plan falling apart and lose all focus. More evidence of a new gear for the Mountain of the Morning.

M8w Kotoshogiku (4-0) wins by yoritaoshi over M10e Shohozan (1-3)

Kotoshogiku keeps doing the hands-under-armpits, belly-to-belly, hug-n-chug to perfection. How long can he keep it up here?

M7w Takarafuji (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M9w Ikioi (1-3)

Takarafuji got Ikioi to the edge, where Ikioi put up a solid fight. Then Ikioi looked like he rolled his already damaged ankle or something and awkwardly stepped out.

M5e Chiyotairyu (3-1) wins by sukuinage over M7e Aoiyama (3-1)

Here's a match that should have gone the other way, except Chiyotairyu's last ditch effort of a throw made Aoiyama step out a fraction sooner.

M6w Abi (1-3) wins by oshidashi over M4e Tochiozan (1-3)

Abi's still not got a Plan B, but on Day Four his Plan A worked like it was supposed to and Tochiozan went straight back and out.

M4w Ichinojo (4-0) wins by uwatenage by M6e Okinoumi (1-3)

Okinoumi got full chest to chest with Ichinojo, which is an issue if all the Mongolian will do is lean his 500 lbs on you. Ichinojo didn't lean on Day Four, but forcefully threw Okinoumi over.

M5w Onosho (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M3w Shodai (0-4)

Shodai probably never stood a chance against Onosho, but once Onosho came out like a bolt of lightning at the tachiai, there was no doubt.

S1e Takakeisho (3-1) wins by hikiotoshi over K1w Hokutofuji (1-3)

Hokutofuji seemed to have actually stalled out Takakeisho's furious tsuppari attack, but all that did was make Takakeisho regroup and unleash a more furious tsuppari attack.

K1e Mitakeumi (3-1) wins by oshidashi over S1w Tamawashi (1-3)

Mitakeumi is doing exactly what he wants this basho, getting in and underneath his opponent as soon as possible. That was more than enough to beat an out of sorts Tamawashi on Day Four.

O2e Tochinoshin (2-2) wins by yoritaoshi over M3e Nishikigi (0-4)

Tochinoshin won, but it was a very concerning win. He got Nishikigi in his preferred grip escorted him to the edge and attempted his patented lift out. Problem was, he couldn't actually lift Nishikigi. Eventually his position gave him the win, but Tochinoshin's legs are not allowing him to lift like he usually does.

O1w Goeido (4-0) wins by uwatenage over M1e Kaisei (0-4)

Goeido is terrifying this basho. He charged right into Kaisei and tossed him around for good measure.

O1e Takayasu (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M1w Endo (0-4)

Poor Endo. He will face an easier slate in the second week, but getting beat like this is probably not good for his confidence.

Y1e Hakuho (4-0) wins by hatakikomi over M2e Daieisho (2-2)

Daieisho gave a good effort, but it was maybe too much, as the Yokozuna rather easily slapped him down.

Y1w Kakuryu (3-1) wins by oshidashi over M2w Myogiryu (2-2)

As is his wont, Kakuryu reacted to his opponent. In this case, he was able to get Myogiryu out of sorts and shove him out.

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