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Haru 2020 Day Eleven Recap

Day Eleven was not full of exciting sumo, but it did have some interesting moments.

M13w Aoiyama (10-1) wins by tsukidashi over M18e Kotonowaka (7-4)

Aoiyama kept pace with Hakuho by making Kotonowaka move. To the youngster's credit, he moved well around the ring, but it was always Aoiyama's match. Aoiyama jumps up to face Mitakeumi in his first stern test on Day Twelve.

M13e Kotoshogiku (6-5) wins by yorikiri over M15w Chiyomaru (5-4-2)

Kotoshogiku has stayed basically even this tournament, and he went right after the recently returned Chiyomaru for the relatively easy win.

M12w Ikioi (6-5) wins by yorikiri over M17w Daiamami (4-7)

Ikioi rather emphatically forced Daiamami out, but it's another point in the argument he's doing what he can while just holding together.

M11w Terutsuyoshi (6-5) wins by oshidashi over M16e Azumaryu (5-6)

Convincing wins like this are why it always seems like Terutsuyoshi has a nice winning streak in him at any moment.

M14e Kaisei (7-4) wins by yorikiri over M11e Chiyotairyu (7-4)

Kaisei bottled up the nearly as big as he is Chiyotairyu to get one step closer to kachi-koshi.

M17e Meisei (5-6) wins by hikkake over M10e Sadanoumi (3-8)

In a sign Sadanoumi might be struggling with some injury, Meisei outmaneuvered the veteran rikishi at the tawara. Sadanoumi make-koshi.

M9e Takanosho (9-2) wins by oshidashi over M12e Ishiura (7-4)

Takanosho's very nice basho continues. In theory, he still has a shot at the yusho, although that will involve beating all of his direct competition starting with Asanoyama on Day Twelve.

M8w Kiribayama (5-6) wins by okurinage over M14w Nishikigi (3-8)

Kiribayama once again showed his unique ability to make a match back-to-front by somehow spinning Nishikigi around for an easy win. Nishikigi make-koshi.

M16w Shimanoumi (6-5) wins by oshidashi over M8e Shohozan (2-9)

Shimanoumi has been holding on enough, and he was able to outwork the struggling Shohozan.

M10w Tochiozan (1-10) wins by hatakikomi over M7w Tamawashi (3-8)

Tochiozan gets his first win and gives Tamawashi his make-koshi. This wasn't quite a henka, but the two veterans did not have a head on clash and Tochiozan redirected Tamawashi. M9w Tochinoshin (5-6) wins by hatakikomi over M6w Kagayaki (6-5)

Tochinoshin didn't just henka, but did an awkward sidestep and was still favoring his right leg afterwards. It was ugly sumo, but Tochinoshin is in a win is a win territory.

M3e Yutakayama (6-5) wins by oshidashi over M7e Takarafuji (7-4)

Yutakayama would like to protect his rank or move up a little bit, and its solid pushing and thrusting like this that would do it.

M4e Enho (4-7) wins by tsukiotoshi over M2w Tokushoryu (2-9)

Enho avoids make-koshi for at least one more day with a last-ditch effort at the tawara against Tokushoryu.

M2e Okinoumi (6-5) wins by yorikiri over M6e Myogiryu (3-8)

In workmanlike fashion, Okinoumi moves toward a winning record while handing Myogiryu his make-koshi.

M3w Mitakeumi (9-2) wins by okuridashi over M1e Daieisho (7-4)

Mitakeumi has a remarkable ability to take some punishment, and he took a lot from Daieisho here. Yet despite being at the very edge, Mitakeumi stood his ground and redirected Daieisho while Daieisho was still fighting forward. Mitakeumi is absolutely still in this thing.

K1w Endo (6-5) wins by yorikiri over M5w Onosho (6-5)

Endo got Onosho upright and moving slightly backwards pretty early, which meant this was always his match despite Endo being in an odd position.

S1e Asanoyama (9-2) wins by yorikiri over M5e Ryuden (4-7)

Asanoyama seemed pretty set on making sure Ryuden never got him in some awkward hold, which also had the compensating benefit of moving Ryuden backwards.

M4w Abi (5-6) wins by oshidashi over O1e Takakeisho (5-6)

Takakeisho is definitely out of sorts, because Abi beat him despite being in full wild-man form on Day Eleven. Takakeisho's kachi-koshi now requires him going 3-1 over his final four days, which should include Asanoyama, Kakuryu, and Hakuho.

Y1wYO Kakuryu (9-2) wins by oshidashi over S1w Shodai (5-6)

In the battle of reactive rikishi, it's the Yokozuna who has long been the master of it that wins. Kakuryu is one behind Hakuho, but definitely has his fate in his hands.

Y1e Hakuho (10-1) wins by oshidashi over K1e Hokutofuji (2-9)

Hakuho wins by sending Hokutofuji flying off the dohyo. This was both a result of Hakuho pushing very hard and Hokutofuji being in a terrible position at the tawara. The dai-Yokozuna retains his place at the top of the leaderboard.

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