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Haru 2020 Day Two Recap

Everyone is slowly getting used to the lack of fans in this tournament. What was interesting from an on-dohyo perspective was that the theme of the day seemed to be "Keep your feet and you're likely to win." Fundamentals were the order of the day.

M17e Meisei (1-1) wins by katasukashi over M18e Kotonowaka (1-1)

Meisei used some parrying thrusts to prevent Kotonowaka from getting any kind of attack going, which finally allowed him to push sideways and down on Kotonowaka for the victory.

M16w Shimanoumi (2-0) wins by tsukiotoshi over M17w Daiamami (0-2)

Shimanoumi kept himself in better position, preventing Daiamami from ever getting the push he needed and making him go to the clay.

M16e Azumaryu (1-1) wins by yorikiri over M15e Tsurugisho (1-1)

Not only did Tsurugisho show up with a hip/waist bandage, but he had no ability to counter Azumaryu's simple forward motion.

M15w Chiyomaru (2-0) wins by hikiotoshi over M14w Nishikigi (0-2)

Chiyomaru absorbed the tachiai and very simply slapped down Nishikigi with little trouble.

M13e Kotoshogiku (1-1) wins by yorikiri over M14e Kaisei (0-2)

Kotoshogiku had the better initial position and Kaisei very easily walked backwards for the loss.

M13w Aoiyama (2-0) wins by hatakikomi over M12w Ikioi (1-1)

Aoiyama had a very exciting slap-down win. They clashed and had to resettle (the biggest audience miss of the day), and then Ikioi went hard against Aoiyama, but the Big Bulgarian managed to half throw, half slap-down Ikioi at the edge.

M12e Ishiura (2-0) wins by oshidashi over M10e Sadanoumi (1-1)

Ishiura might have a found a hack for this basho, as he went hard enough into Sadanoumi to continue his momentum into the empty front rows for a win.

M11w Terutsuyoshi (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M10w Tochiozan (0-2)

Terutsuyoshi just plain overwhelmed Tochiozan in a very mediocre effort from the veteran.

M11e Chiyotairyu (2-0) wins by oshidashi over M9w Tochinoshin (0-2)

Chiyotairyu stood up Tochinoshin from the beginning, and that was all he needed. Tochinoshin is looking very ginger on that right knee.

M9e Takanosho (2-0) wins by tsukiotoshi over M8e Shohozan (0-2)

Shohozan just went straight to the clay after he tried to regroup from the tachiai.

M8w Kiribayama (1-1) wins by okuridashi over M7w Tamawashi (1-1)

Kiribayama once again showed his unique ability to get his opponent sideways, and he was able to redirect Tamawashi at the tachiai to shove him out from behind. M7e Takarafuji (1-1) wins by hatakikomi over M6e Myogiryu (0-2)

Takarafuji, as is his wont, stayed steady on his feet and found an opportunity to put Myogiryu down on the clay.

M5w Onosho (2-0) wins by hatakikomi over M6w Kagayaki (1-1)

This was Kagayaki's match by yorikiri until Onosho showed nifty footwork at the tawara and spun around to send Kagayaki down. Onosho might have found his balance again, which should put everyone else on edge.

M4e Enho (1-1) wins by shitatenage over M5e Ryuden (1-1)

Someone was going to end up being awkward in this match and it was kind of both of them. Enho went under, and Ryuden reached his long arms around the smaller man's whole body length. Still, it was Enho who succeeded in executing the throw.

M3w Mitakeumi (2-0) wins by oshidashi over M4w Abi (0-2)

Something is wrong with Abi, and Mitakeumi was never really bothered by Abi's attack.

K1w Endo (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M3e Yutakayama (1-1)

Endo kept up the attack a little more, although it wasn't pretty sumo by any means. Still, a win is a win, and Endo was clearly the better rikishi.

S1e Asanoyama (2-0) wins by uwatedashinage over M2w Tokushoryu (0-2)

Tokushoryu wisely worked to avoid Asanoyama's left-hand grip, yet the movement somehow allowed Asanoyama to spin around and get the grip anyway with his long arms, resulting in a nice throw.

S1w Shodai (2-0) wins by sukuinage over M1w Takayasu (0-2)

Shodai and Takayasu were basically even at the tachiai, but SHodai has had a career of overcoming after getting way behind at the start. The match then ended in a Shodai throw for a win.

M2e Okinoumi (1-1) wins by uwatenage over O1e Takakeisho (1-1)

Okinoumi had one goal from the start: grab Takakeisho's mawashi. He did that, and Takakeisho had no answer.

Y1e Hakuho (2-0) wins by sukuinage over M1e Daieisho (0-2)

Mean Hakuho might have shown up for this tournament. He slapped Daieisho to begin the match and then went for a series of trips before just landing on the Maegashira 1.

K1e Hokutofuji (1-1) wins by okuritaoshi over Y1wYO Kakuryu (1-1)

Hokutofuji might just have Kakuryu's number, although he did need to beat the Yokozuna's dance and pull attempt at the end.

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