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Haru 2020 Power Rankings

As we head into the Haru basho, we can consider who is looking good based on the past performance. That's right, it's time for the Power Rankings for Haru 2020.

Reminder: The Power Rankings formula looks at past performance over the most recent three basho. A rikishi's Fantasy Basho score in the most recent basho is multiplied by three, the second most recent by two, and the third most recent is counted one time. Any Sanyaku wrestler gets a bonus based on their rank, with a Yokozuna receiving 50 points, an Ozeki receiving 30 points, a Sekiwake receiving 20 points, and a Komusubi receiving 10 points. Any basho in the Juryo division is counted as being worth the number of wins a wrestler had.

Below is the chart. Below that are some notes about the rankings.

  • In a way, Takakeisho's performance since his Ozeki promotion over the last year feels a little disappointing. Yet he is ranked here as the best bet to perform well in Haru. Actually, this makes sense. Despite a serious injury that made him have to re-earn his rank, Takakeisho has had 32 wins and a jun-yusho over his last three tournaments. Oh, and he's just 23, so he should have serious room for growth.

  • The only other two rikishi in shouting distance are Shodai and Asanoyama. Asanoyama has been almost on the verge of an Ozeki run for a few tournaments, but he is firmly a Sanyaku wrestler. An Ozeki promotion performance is difficult, and being close is an impressive feat. And Shodai has almost certainly been better over the last two basho (including beating Asanoyama both times.) He did go out in Aki before that and only managed three wins. But over the last two basho, Shodai has unquestionably been the best performer.

  • Speaking of Shodai, he'd be number one if there was no Sanyaku bonus. The top three are the same, but jumbled to be Shodai, Asanoyama, then Takakeisho. After those three, it's Hokutofuji, Yutakayama, Tokushoryu, Kagayaki, Endo, and Onosho.

  • It's worth it to consider Tokushoryu. After his 14 win yusho (with two special prizes), he only climbed up to 7 in the Power Rankings. But considering he only won 8 matches in each of the previous two basho while in Juryo, it's amazing he could climb that high. Think of it as one more testament to what a remarkable and unusual performance he had during Hatsu.

  • The Power Rankings threw up some real interesting pairings. Hakuho and Kagayaki have the same point total, which for Hakuho comes from one outstanding basho and a Yokozuna bonus and Kagayaki comes from two straight ten win basho. Enho, Ryuden, and Kiribayama are tied, with Enho showing consistency, Ryuden having two good and one bad performances, and Kiribayama announcing himself well in his debut. Rikishi can get the same totals in plenty of different ways. This time, there were just a ton of pairs, seeming to prove that point again and again.

  • The bottom two names on the chart are an interesting reminder of how fast things can change in sumo. Just four months ago, both Tochinoshin and Takayasu were Ozeki. Now, for Haru 2020, they have both gone down to Maegashira after a series of injury plagued tournaments. Things will look totally different after three more tournaments.

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