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Haru 2023 is Live on Fantasizr!

We are up and running for the Haru 2023 basho on Fantasizr. Go now to join the Public League or Create Your Own League to play with your friends. Live sumo begins on Sunday, March 12th. You have about two weeks to pick your team for the Day One action.

And remember that when you pick your team, you need to follow a budget. You get 50 points overall for your four selections, according to these point values:

Check back into this space in the next two weeks for some additional pre-basho content. There will be the usual rikishi-by-rikishi preview, power rankings, and predictions, but also a few special pieces of analysis.

If you've played before and enjoy, then I will ask you one favor. Invite just one person to play Fantasy Basho this March.

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