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Haru 2024 Day Three

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Notable Maneuvers

Sukuinage. Takakeisho got into a slapfest with Meisei, which would seemingly benefit the Ozeki. Yet Meisei got the advantage and moved Takakeisho forward. Then at the edge, Takakeisho whipped out a devastating beltless arm throw.

Match of the Day

01 Yokozuna East Terunofuji versus 11 Maegashira #1 West Asanoyama

In the final match of the day, Asanoyama started by very, very briefly getting his left hand on Terunofuji's mawashi. Then Terunofuji reached his right hand deep and pushed up Asanoyama's left. That got them in an awkward, leaning dual grip. Terunofuji would have the advantage in that position as the bigger and stronger man, but he also has bad knees. Asanoyama got those knees rocking and made the Yokozuna go backwards. Terunofuji resettled, which loosened Asanoyama's mawashi. After a little more back-and-forth, Terunofuji managed to work Asanoyama out.


Terunofuji, Hoshoryu, Takakeisho, and Kotonowaka all won on Day Three, which is actually somewhat notable for this basho. They also all had strong performances of various kinds. Terunofuji outlasted Asanoyama, Hoshoryu gathered up a game Atamifuji, Takakeisho threw aside Meisei, and Kotonowaka kept Nishikigi in front of him for a yorikiri. That's the kind of sumo that makes it seem like they'll all win until they face each other.

Meanwhile, Kirishima had a disastrous bout against Ura. He never got a solid approach, but did move Ura back. Ura being Ura, he moved sideways and did a sideways shove to send Kirishima to the clay. Kirishima doesn't look like he's injured, but he also clearly has something going on. As an Ozeki, he can withdraw and fight with kadoban status in May. Another loss makes that more of a likelihood. The other Sanyaku man struggling is Daieisho, who similarly is winless and out of sorts. If both are injured, neither may stick around.

The two undefeated Sanyaku men are Sekiwake Wakamotoharu and Komusubi Abi. They will not both remain undefeated after Day Four, as the matchmakers put them together. Wakamotoharu looks like himself, the Sekiwake who keeps everything contained and doesn't beat himself. Abi is showing all kinds of his sumo. After two days of winning with some fancy moves at the tawara, Abi went pure two-handed thrusts at Daieisho on Day Three. The winner of Wakamotoharu-Abi will be in an advantageous position from Day Four, although not too far ahead of the Ozeki and Yokozuna.

There are two interesting looming threats in Maegashira. Onosato is at Maegashira #5 West, despite not being able to get his hair into a top-knot. The former Amateur Yokozuna is looking like he can dominate mid-Maegashira much like he did lower Maegashira in his debut Makuuchi basho last time out. Speaking of debut Makuuchi basho, Takerufuji is cruising through the first three days of his. Another former amateur standout, Takerufuji beat Roga with a nice throw on Day Three. Neither man is particularly young (Atamiwashi, for instance, is a few years younger than both), but they are not going to be out of the Sanyaku ranks long looking like this.

But it has only been three days. While there are some clear performance trends, we can see turnarounds from pretty much anyone. Kirishima and Daieisho would be surprises if they fell apart, and Onosato and Takerufuji are unlikely to collapse. Everyone still has twelve matches remaining, and the Sanyaku has already been turned upside down. Much more is bound to happen.

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