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Hatsu 2019 Day Three Recap

M15w Kotoeko (2-1) beats J1w Daishoho (1-2) by okuridashi

Daishoho might have a future in Makuuchi, but it didn’t start with his quick visit on Day Three. Kotoeko pretty much always had control of this match.

M15e Chiyonokuni (3-0) beats M16w Daishomaru (0-3) by oshidashi

If he is healthy and engaged, Chiyonokuni is much better than his current Maegashira 15 rank. He showed that again on Day Three by beating Daishomaru, who is currently careening towards dropping back to Juryo.

M14w Chiyoshoma (2-1) beats M16e Daiamami (1-2) uwatenage

Chiyoshoma isn’t necessarily the strongest or fastest rikishi, but he’s got a bag of tricks. Against Daiamami, he got sideways with a sort of a half-henka and threw Daiamami around.

M13e Yago 2-1 beats M13w Kotoyuki (1-2) by okuridashi

Yago is the newest member of the Makuuchi division, but he looked like a veteran against Kotoyuki. (Yago was an amateur champion.) He got knocked back a bit, and then he regrouped and drove Kotoyuki right out.

M12w Meisei (1-2) beats M14e Yutakayama (2-1) by yorikiri

Meisei seemed to be motivated to get his first win on Day Three. He never really gave Yutakayama an opening, handing Yutakayama his first loss while Meisei got his first win.

M11e Sadanoumi (2-1) beats M11w Ikioi (1-2) by yorikiri

Both men came into this match with massive head bandages, thanks to injuries from Kagayaki. Ikioi might be struggling more with his wounds. At the very least, Sadanoumi came out with the win and looked less pained afterwards.

M10w Abi (2-1) beats M12e Kagayaki (1-2) by hatakikomi

Abi will put both hands at his opponent’s throat at the start of each match, and Kagayaki was ready for it. Yet, when he charged straight ahead, Abi switched up and slapped him down. Abi should also get credit for not suffering a head cut while facing Kagayaki, like his first two opponents did.

M10e Takarafuji (1-2) beats M8w Asanoyama (0-3) by tsukiotoshi

Takarafuji should get some credit for his first win, but this match merely continued Asanoyama’s terrible basho. He still looks completely lost on the dohyo, not only failing to execute his Plan A of a left-hand grip, but also having no Plan B.

M8e Kaisei (3-0) beats M9w Endo (2-1) by uwatenage

Kaisei was injured in Kyushu, and he only managed three wins. It’s pretty clear he’s healthy now. Endo never really looked like he could win this match, although he kept fighting and fighting. Kaisei was just always too much.

M6w Onosho (3-0) beats M7e Ryuden (1-2) by yorikiri

Onosho is a classic pusher-thruster, but against Ryuden, he pushed in so close that he got his arms around the taller man and forced him out. Onosho looks like he is on a mission, and he will probably begin facing tougher competition sooner rather than later.

M6e Chiyotairyu (1-2) beats M7w Daieisho (1-2) by oshidashi

Chiyotairyu’s fearsome tachiai fell flat again on Day Three, but against Daieisho he decided to just charge again. On his second try, Chiyotairyu sent Daieisho reeling off the dohyo just before he belly flopped.

M5e Aoiyama (3-0) beats M4w Okinoumi (1-2) by oshidashi

Aoiyama is absolutely locked in. He didn’t so much push out Okinoumi as he bulldozed him right to the exit. Aoiyama is seeing some tougher competition in his near future looking like this.

M4e Kotoshogiku (2-1) beats M5w Yoshikaze (0-3) by yorikiri

Kotoshogiku always has good fundamentals, but even a note perfect tachiai doesn’t explain how easily Yoshikaze went out. Yoshikaze had moments where he looked completely washed up in 2018, but he would turn it back around. He needs to do that now once again.

M3e Shodai (1-2) beats M3w Shohozan (0-3) by oshitaoshi

Shodai can take as much punishment as anyone in sumo, and he withstood Shohozan’s most furious blows. It wasn’t model sumo, but Shodai was able to get his opponent to the edge and knock him out.

S1e Takakeisho (3-0) beats S1w Tamawashi (2-1) by oshidashi

Takakeisho faced one of the strongest, toughest pushers in sumo. While Tamawashi did knock the young star back, Takakeisho just kept up his usual relentless slapping attack. Add another win to Takakeisho’s column.

K1w Mitakeumi (3-0) beats O1w Goeido (0-3) by sukuinage

Mitakeumi seems to have found his best sumo again, immediately getting in on his opponents at the tachiai and pushing them hard. Goeido has maybe found his worst sumo. He is clearly injured, with no ability to come strong against anyone.

M2w Hokutofuji (3-0) beats O1e Takayasu (1-2) okuritaoshi

Takayasu is, apparently, battling the flu, which explains some of his struggles. Also, though, Hokutofuji is showing a really excellent brand of sumo, including on Day Three. He got in with his hands, his signature move, and just controlled the match from there.

K1e Myogiryu (1-2) beats O2w Tochinoshin (0-3) by yorikiri

The no good, terrible, very bad basho for Ozeki continued into this match. Tochinoshin has no power in his legs and it shows. He is best grabbing his opponent’s belt and lifting him straight up. He is having trouble getting the grip and lifting right now.

Y1w Hakuho (3-0) beats M1w Ichinojo (2-1) by uwatenage

In what was probably the match of the tournament so far, the two Mongolians fought for over a minute. Ichinojo looked great while losing, because he dragged Hakuho around the dohyo and forced an advantageous stand off in the middle. In the end, Hakuho’s craftiness won the day.

M1e Tochiozan (1-2) beats Y1e Kisenosato (0-3) by yorikiri

This will be the last official match of Kisenosato’s career, as he announced he will retire. This isn’t too surprising, considering his record, but it is still sad. He was fighting and giving it his all even through this last match. He just didn’t have the strength and skill left to win anymore.

M2e Nishikigi (3-0) beats Y2e Kakuryu (1-2) by yorikiri

Kisenosato’s o-fer and retirement is overshadowing this, but Kakuryu is having some real struggles for a Yokozuna. Nishikigi, meanwhile, is ascendant. Kakuryu looked like the Maegashira and Nishikigi looked like the Yokozuna, which is just a strange thing to think about.

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