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Hatsu 2019 Fantasy Basho Power Rankings


With the Hatsu Basho in 2019, Fantasy Basho is producing a brand new feature: Power Rankings! These are meant to be a snapshot of what has happened recently in Fantasy Basho, as well as a draft tool. The Score formulation is simple: The most recent tournament's total points times three, plus the second most recent tournament's times two, plus the third most recent tournament's total. All rikishi who were in Juryo for any tournament gets their win total as their points. There is also a "Bonus" for any Sanyaku wrestlers, Yokozuna receiving fifty points, Ozeki thirty points, and Sekiwake and Komusubi getting ten points.

Look at the chart below for full details, but also let's discuss a few important notes.

Takayasu vs. Takakeisho- These two are clearly the two hottest performers at the moment, and it may seem odd the most recent winner and golden boy Takakeisho isn't at the top. The difference is entirely that Takayasu is an Ozeki and gets twenty more points for it. They've had the same win totals in the last three tournaments, so that seems fair.

The Yokozunas- Should a grand champion be on top of Power Rankings? Yes, and stop me if this is a familiar refrain, but only if they're healthy. These Yokozuna have not been. That's why they get a bonus. Based on recent win totals, Hakuho would be a risky pick. Considering he's sixth after not participating, this is probably right.

Okinoumi- He might be artificially high, but he also has 11, 8, and 8 wins in the last three tournaments. He's been pretty solid.

Yago- A Makuuchi debutant will probably always be low, so pay attention to his recent wins.

Happy drafting!

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