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Hatsu 2020 Day Eight Recap

Y1e Hakuho (1-3-4)

Below Expectations. Not just injured and kyujo, but has a fever, a heel contusion, and lower back pain.

Y1w Kakuryu (1-4-3)

Below Expectations. Also injured and kyujo.

O1e Takakeisho (7-1)

Above Expectations. Leading the Yusho race and standing out from other competitors.

O1w Goeido (3-5)

Below Expectations. He needs 8 wins to keep his Ozeki rank, and that is a tough row to hoe.

S1e Asanoyama (5-3)

Meeting Expectations. He is above .500, but he probably was hoping to be more in the yusho race. Once again, a loss to Shodai is ruining Ozeki hopes.

S1w Takayasu (3-5)

Below Expectations. He can still regain his Ozeki rank, but he needs to literally win out and doesn't look like he can do it.

K1e Abi (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. After all, an 8-7 would keep him at Komusubi East yet again.

K1w Daieisho (3-5)

Below Expectations. Although it should be noted that being a Komusubi is tough.

M1e Endo (6-2)

Above Expectations. Let's not forget that despite his Day Eight loss to Enho, he has two Kinboshi and is in the yusho race.

M1w Myogiryu (3-5)

Below Expectations. Although in fairness, he has the easier end of his schedule coming up and could still get eight wins.

M2e Hokutofuji (5-3)

Above Expectations. On pace for a 9-6 or so, with a kinboshi, which could move him into Sanyaku.

M2w Mitakeumi (4-4)

Below Expectations. Although that's probably because he and everyone else seemed to expect a quick bounce back into Sanyaku.

M3e Tamawashi (2-6)

Below Expectations. This has been a rough basho for the Mean Mongolian.

M3w Kotoyuki (0-0-8)

Below Expectations. Although he has missed the whole basho, so that was expected.

M4e Okinoumi (5-3)

Above Expectations. He's had a surprising number of strong bouts and has faced a lot of Sanyaku.

M4w Shodai (7-1)

Above Expectations. He's in the yusho race, and he gets Takakeisho to take sole possesion of the lead on Day Eight.

M5e Meisei (1-7)

Below Expectations. His injured left arm never did allow him to do great sumo and he has gone kyujo.

M5w Enho (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. If he can go kachi-koshi again, that's an achievement and his win over Endo on Day Eight was very nice.

M6e Takarafuji (3-5)

Below Expectations. He's seemed just a step too slow in most matches.

M6w Tochinoshin (3-5)

Below Expectations. Although his injured knee might change his expectations for March.

M7e Shohozan (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. Kachi-Koshi is certainly in play, which is always the goal.

M7w Onosho (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. See above.

M8e Aoiyama (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. See above.

M8w Ryuden (5-3)

Meeting Expectations. Although maybe the least expected thing is he's not too lopsided one way or the other.

M9e Takanosho (4-4)

Above Expectations. A winning record at Maegashira 9 would be a nice thing for Takanosho.

M9w Yutakayama (6-2)

Above Expectations. He has also looked very impressive collecting his wins.

M10e Sadanoumi (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. He's a .500 lower Maegashira wrestler.

M10w Ishiura (2-6)

Below Expectations. Plus he's been a choatic mess on the dohyo.

M11e Chiyotairyu (3-5)

Below Expectations. He has definitely lost some power.

M11w Kagayaki (6-2)

Above Expectations. Kagayaki is looking like he'll ascend to the upper ranks.

M12e Tsurugisho (3-5)

Meeting Expectations. Except that he's trying to gut out a knee injury and this could get ugly in a hurry.

M12w Chiyomaru (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. Maybe he's figured out how to be 8-7 or 7-8 in Makuuchi.

M13e Kotoshogiku (4-4)

Above Expectations. He actually looks like he'll hold on to his top division spot.

M13w Kotoeko (2-6)

Below Expectations. He's got this record despite looking okay on the dohyo.

M14e Terutsuyoshi (6-2)

Above Expectations. On Day Eight, he tried a dumb submarine maneuver against Yutakayama, but otherwise Terutsuyoshi has been succeeding by pushing full force on his opponent's upper chest.

M14w Shimanoumi (3-5)

Below Expectations. Shimanoumi has looked overmatched and outmuscled way too often.

M15e Azumaryu (5-3)

Above Expectations. Azumaryu has shown he has real skills at keeping his feet wide and set, which pays off quite often.

M15w Ikioi (2-6)

Below Expectations. Ikioi still looks like he's fighting against his foot as much as his opponent.

M16e Tochiozan (5-3)

Above Expectations. Tochiozan apparently needed that one basho in Juryo to steady himself.

M16w Kaisei (5-3)

Above Expectations. It hasn't always been pretty, but he's carried his bulk well enough to win fairly often.

M17e Kiribayama (4-4)

Meeting Expectations. Kiribayama's main goal had to be 8 wins and a continued stay in Makuuchi, and he's still on track for it.

M17w Tokushoryu (7-1)

Above Expectations. Tokushoryu has used his bulbous gut as a defensive weapon to surprising effect and is tied for the yusho lead.

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