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Hatsu 2020 Day Six Recap

Day Six brought a little bit of clarity to the top of the yusho race. It also saw plenty of rikishi show solid form and get back to what they do best on the dohyo.

M16e Tochiozan (4-2) wins by uwatenage over M17e Kiribayama (3-3)

The match of the day might have been the first Makuuchi bout. Tochiozan generally held the advantage, but Kiribayama found ways to regain his position, including a fun spin move. After a lengthy stall-out where both men were leaning on each other, Tochiozan finally prevailed with a simple throw.

M15w Ikioi (2-4) wins by oshitaoshi over J3w Kizakiumi (0-6)

Kazakiumi has been struggling in Juryo, so his coming up might have been a favor to a less than on-form Ikioi. Ikioi did win, but it wasn't overwhelming and Kizakiumi got up really slowly.

M17w Tokushoryu (5-1) wins by hikiotoshi over M14e Terutsuyoshi (5-1)

Tokushoryu draws first blood over Terutsuyoshi for Hatsu with what has become his typical approach: keep his feet and force his opponent to get around his protuberant gut.

M15e Azumaryu (4-2) wins by uwatedashinage over M13e Kotoshogiku (3-3)

Azumaryu keeps being successful by making sure he doesn't beat himself, which against Kotoshogiku meant he didn't go backwards and deflected Kotoshogiku's offense.

M16w Kaisei (3-3) wins by oshidashi over M13w Kotoeko (2-4)

Kaisei gets back to even with his classic straight-ahead style, although he engaged in a shoving match instead of a mawashi battle.

M14w Shimanoumi (3-3) wins by yoritaoshi over M12e Tsurugisho (2-4)

Shimanoumi gets the nice win, but the story is Tsurugisho came down hard and looked like his knee buckled. Whatever happened, Tsurugisho had to be wheeled to the back and is probably out for the basho.

M12w Chiyomaru (2-4) wins by tsukidashi over M10w Ishiura (2-4)

For some reason, Ishiura decided to go straight ahead against the much bigger Chiyomaru, and he paid the price for it.

M11e Chiyotairyu (2-4) wins by hatakikomi over M9e Takanosho (2-4)

Chiyotairyu went high at the start, which allowed him to very simply push down Takanosho from the get-go.

M9w Yutakayama (5-1) wins by oshidashi over M11w Kagayaki (5-1)

Yutakayama handed Kagayaki his first loss by being in just a bit quicker at the tachiai. That meant he put Kagayaki higher and was able to keep pushing on him for the win.

M10e Sadanoumi (3-3) wins by abisetaoshi over M8w Ryuden (3-3)

Ryuden tried his awkward, pretzeling sumo, but Sadanoumi prevented it while also slowly forcing Ryuden backwards. Ryuden did fight back at the tawara, so Sadanoumi just lifted himself and landed on top of Ryuden. M8e Aoiyama (4-2) wins by kotenage over M6e Takarafuji (2-4)

Aoiyama did unleash some of his pushing attacks, but Takarafuji never allowed it to get too far. Still, Takarafuji was always on the defensive, giving Aoiyama a chance at a not too heavy yet effective kotenage.

M7e Shohozan (3-3) wins by uwatedashinage over M5e Meisei (1-5)

Shohozan quickly dismantled Meisei, who has been struggling this whole basho and looked unable to mount any offense once again.

M7w Onosho (2-4) wins by yoritaoshi over M5w Enho (3-3)

Onosho decided to just go straight into Enho, which worked perfectly to send the small man backwards and out of the dohyo.

M4w Shodai (6-0) wins by yorikiri over M6w Tochinoshin (2-4)

Shodai is the yusho leader by himself, and he has shown some improvement. Shodai has always been a reactive counterattacker, but now he's become a more proactive counterattacker. Here, he worked to make sure Tochinoshin never got near his mawashi, rather than try and counter a grip. This Shodai is good, whether he's Emperor's Cup good is another matter.

K1e Abi (3-3) wins by okuridashi over M2e Hokutofuji (4-2)

This was a bit weird. It looked like Hokutofuji could have been called for a false start, but the gyoji didn't give a matta. Instead, Abi went up and to the side in a half-henka almost to save himself. That allowed him to get behind Hokutofuji and push him out very easily.

M4e Okinoumi (4-2) wins by tsukiotoshi over K1w Daieisho (2-4)

Okinoumi is very capable at turning an opponent's advantage into a problem, and here he allowed Daieisho's aggressiveness to move him sideways and down.

S1e Asanoyama (4-2) wins by yorikiri over M1w Myogiryu (2-4)

Asanoyama got back on form by fighting through Myogiryu's attack to land his left-hand grip, which lead as always to a yorikiri win.

M1e Endo (5-1) wins by tsukidashi over S1w Takayasu (2-4)

Endo once again proves his merit, although Takayasu really had no answer for anything Endo was doing. He did try a lot of things, but Endo just kept fighting and moving forward.

O1e Takakeisho (5-1) wins by tsukiotoshi over M2w Mitakeumi (3-3)

Takakeisho is 5-1 and still hasn't unleashed his full tsuppari. Instead, he parried Mitakeumi and found the opening to shove him to the side from the bales. If Takakeisho finds his sumo in January, watch out.

O1w Goeido (2-4) wins by oshidashi over M3e Tamawashi (2-4)

With a strangely simple oshidashi, Goeido keeps his hopes for holding onto his Ozeki rank alive. He will need to go 6-3, but it's not totally hopeless.

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