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Hatsu 2020 Day Three Recap

There's already a tough yusho race after two days, as big names have already achieved a loss. There are also plenty of rikishi at 1-1, narrowing the standouts and the disappointments rather early.

J2e Kotonowaka (1-1) wins by hatakikomi over M17e Kiribayama (1-1)

Kotonowaka popped up from Juryo to face the Makuuchi debutant and got a win. Kotonowaka kept his balance better and was eventually able to slap Kiribayama down.

M16w Kaisei (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M17w Tokushoryu (1-1)

Kaisei shows what bulk can do by absorbing Tokushoryu's attack and then turning the momentum.

M15e Azumaryu (2-0) wins by hatakikomi over M16e Tochiozan (1-1)

Azumaryu's semi-resurgence has seen him succeed by keeping his feet wide and deflecting offense, which he did admirably against Tochiozan.

M14w Shimanoumi (1-1) wins by tsukiotoshi over M15w Ikioi (0-2)

Shimanoumi is constant effort, while Ikioi is rock solid firmness. Shimanoumi kept attacking, which gave him the edge.

M14e Terutsuyoshi (2-0) wins by shitatenage over M13e Kotoshogiku (0-2)

Terutsuyoshi is back to going for the overwhelming start, but here he got a little bottled up and was still able to execute a throw for a win.

M13w Kotoeko (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M12w Chiyomaru (1-1)

Kotoeko came in knowing that the key to beating Chiyomaru is constant pressue on his middle, and that was exactly what he did.

M12e Tsurugisho (1-1) wins by yorikiri over M11e Chiyotairyu (1-1)

Tsurugisho did well to absorb the fearsome Chiyotairyu tachiai, and he ended up easily escorting the big man out.

M11w Kagayaki (2-0) wins by oshidashi over M10w Ishiura (0-2)

Kagayaki's base continues to be his best feature, since he can hold his position and redirect someone as wild as Ishiura was on Day Two.

M10e Sadanoumi (1-1) wins by uwatedashinage over M9e Takanosho (1-1)

Veteran savviness won out in this match, because Sadanoumi was backed to the edge but managed to throw Takanosho over before he fell out.

M8w Ryuden (1-1) wins by yorikiri over M9w Yutakayama (1-1)

Ryuden was attempting his odd, shifty sumo, and while he never quite got Yutakayama completely pretzeled, he did get him moving backwards for most of the match.

M8e Aoiyama (2-0) wins by hatakikomi over M7e Shohozan (1-1)

Aoiyama stood tall and strong, which allowed him to forcefully and effectively pull Shohozan down as soon as Shohozan got frustrated and came wildly forward. M6w Tochinoshin (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M7w Onosho (0-2)

Tochinoshin still didn't have his kind of match, but he was able to use his length to get his left hand around Onosho and briefly grab his mawashi. That allowed Tochinoshin the initiative to win by push out.

M6e Takarafuji (1-1) wins by yorikiri over M5e Meisei (0-2)

Takarafuji just kept working against Meisei, which meant he was able to get a grip and show the younger man out.

M4w Shodai (2-0) wins by uwatenage over M5w Enho (1-1)

Shodai is just a bad matchup for Enho. Shodai is big, but also nimble, plus all he does is react. Here, he almost looked like he just waited to catch Enho at the tachiai. From there, he got a bizarre arm-lock and back of the mawashi hold which allowed him to power Enho down.

K1w Daieisho (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M1w Myogiryu (0-2)

Daieisho kept the pressure up with a series of pushes that weren't quite a nodowa to Myogiru's neck. Mostly that meant Myogiryu was never in it.

S1e Asanoyama (2-0) wins by okuridashi over M3e Tamawashi (1-1)

Asanoyama did an excellent job absorbing Tamawashi's heavy blows, then came inside and established his left-hand grip. That grip was so deep that he actually was able to spin Tamawashi around as he forced him out.

S1w Takayasu (1-1) wins by oshidashi over M4e Okinoumi (1-1)

Takayasu had a real effort at a grappling match, and when Okinoumi tried to break it, he had enough to begin pushing him back.

M2e Hokutofuji (2-0) wins by oshidashi over O1e Takakeisho (1-1)

Hokutofuji got in on Takakeisho from the jump, never allowing Takakeisho's preferred pushing attack to begin. This Hokutofuji is the one who always looks so dangerous. Let's see if he can hang around all basho.

M2w Mitakeumi (1-1) wins by yorikiri over O1w Goeido (0-2)

Mitakeumi rebounds from an opening day loss, while Goeido continues to struggle. In particular, Goeido got the initial advantage, but couldn't put Mitakeumi over. That allowed Mitakeumi to spin the match around for a yorikiri.

M1e Endo (2-0) wins by kirikaeshi over Y1e Hakuho (1-1)

What a match. Hakuho knocked Endo back with a smack to the head during Kyushu. This was Endo's revenge match and he got it. This started with Hakuho feinting some blows to the head before grappling, but by then Endo had already grabbed the front of Hakuho's mawashi. Then they began frantically switching grips, while Endo looked for trips. It resulted in Endo having the back knot of Hakuho's mawashi, which made a trip both much easier and extremely powerful. Endo has two kinboshi in two days, and no one is going to top that this basho.

Y1w Kakuryu (1-1) wins by hatakikomi over K1e Abi (0-2)

This match was anti-climactic after Endo-Hakuho. Abi went too far forward, and Kakuryu predictably slapped him down.

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