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Hatsu 2024 Day One

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Notable Maneuvers

Hatakikomi. No, a slap-down isn't all that spectacular, but Onosato got his first win as a Maegashira by sending down Bushozan. So he's a 23 year old physical specimen with great athletic gifts, a sterling amateur background, and, apparently, veteran savvy.

Match of the Day

01 Yokozuna East Terunofuji versus 08 Komusubi West Ura

This was the match everyone wanted to see coming in, and what everyone needed to see was how Terunofuji was moving. Ura gave him alot, because he seems to enjoy going sideways and twisting around for a grip. The Yokozuna was up for it, and kept the smaller man in front. He grabbed an arm, seemingly to unleash a kotenage for the win. Ura being Ura, he actually escaped that and began moving around again. At that point, he was just a sitting duck for a simple shove out.


Of the 8 men in Sanyaku, 7 won. The lone exception was Ura, who was also the only one who was an underdog. Being the Komusubi West, he got to face the Yokozuna. That means every Sanyaku man who saw a Maegashira opponent won. Although upsets lead to drama and storylines, there is something telling about the top men all coming out with wins.

And they all looked pretty good doing it. Terunofuji had to chase Ura, rather than immediately bundle him up. He still won convincingly. Kirishima cast aside Wakamotoharu in a performance reminiscent of former Yokozuna (and former Michinoku stablemate) Kakuryu. Hoshoryu took the considerable mass of Atamifuji, spun him around, and forced him out to avenge a loss from Kyushu. Takakeisho looked like Takakeisho by quite easily withstanding and shoving out Midorifuji. Kotonowaka took the best of Abi-Zumo and just kept moving forward for the win. Daieisho showed Gonoyama how to vary a thrusting attack for the surprise pulling win. Takayasu had little trouble with Hokutofuji.

This does not mean they're all guaranteed to be 7-0 after a week. First things first, there were too many wrestlers listed in the above paragraph for them all to avoid each other that long. Kirishima and Takayasu will square off on Day Two. The upper Maegashira are also not a bunch of pushovers, with Atamifuji actually having a better record over the previous two basho than anyone else. Also, upsets will happen, even if they didn't on Day One. THey are, oddly, one of the consistent things about sumo.

There was interest outside of Sanyaku, as well. Onosato got his first top-division win in a highly anticipated debut. He is so fresh to sumo that he still can't get his hair pulled up into a top-knot, and he has a chance at being a great one. He also has a chance of doing real damage in this tournament. Kotoshoho got a win after a mono-ii reversed the gyoji's call for Onosho. Mitakeumi and Meisei needed a rematch to settle their bout, which Mitakeumi won.

The Sanyaku will always be the highlight of any day of sumo. On Day One of Hatsu 2024, they were the highlight by winning. The Yokozuna is back. The Yokozuna promotion is still alive. The Ozeki promotion for Kotonowaka is still alive. Events can and probably will change these circumstances, but for right now the first basho of 2024 is looking bright.

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