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Hatsu 2024 Day Six

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Yusho Arasoi

6 Wins

22 Maegashira #7 West Asanoyama

5 WIns

01 Yokozuna East Terunofuji

02 Ozeki #1 East Kirishima

05 Sekiwake East Kotonowaka

30 Maegashira #11 West Oho

35 Maegashira #14 East Kotoshoho

36 Maegashira #14 West Onosho

38 Maegashira #15 West Onosato

Notable Maneuvers

Uwatenage. Takayasu came back from a small injury absence, and had to face the always tricky Ura. Takayasu did a nice job of containing him, then threw him over as Ura tried to bend out of it for a truly fun over arm throw that saw Ura flip all the way over.

Match of the Day

01 Yokozuna East Terunofuji versus 15 Maegashira #4 East Tobizaru

Although Terunofuji is not 100%, Tobizaru apparently decided that he couldn't take the Yokozuna head on. At the tachiai, he hit the Kaiju with a face slap and then tried to dance to the side. That only made Terunofuji angry. As Tobizaru moved a lot more, Terunofuji wrapped him up. At the edge, Terunofuji unleashed a hard shove to send Tobizaru off the dohyo, followed by an angry stare.


With six days of the basho in the book, we have one undefeated rikishi. He is the Maegashira #7 West, interestingly, as Sanyaku keeps taking upsets that aren't totally surprising. Of course, Asanoyama is a former Ozeki and former yusho winner. He also has alternated between looking like an Ozeki and being injured since his return from a suspension and demotion less than a year ago. If he stays on form and healthy, this is no fluke yusho bid.

But Asanoyama is still facing an uphill battle. The highest rank he's faced is Maegashira #5 West. If he stays undefeated on Days 7 and 8, he'll start seeing Sanyaku opponents when the daily schedule can get mixed up. He also has the target on his back. It is also fair to say that he has both been very good and somewhat lucky, which is how you get to six straight wins. On Day Six, Nishikigi blocked Asanoyama's left hand to make him work. Work he did, to loop his left hand inside for a solid grip and heavy throw.

Asanoyama is the only undefeated rikishi, but he's got most of Sanyaku and a clutch of interesting youngsters right behind him. Most notably, Terunofuji, Kirishima, and Kotonowaka are at 5-1. Kotonowaka's loss to Wakamotoharu on Day Six was his first of the basho, and it was a strange one. He seemed to get so far ahead at the tachiai, that he was too high the whole match. It wasn't a matta, but Wakamotoharu kept his hands down a second longer and got an advantage from it. Similarly, the defeats by Hoshoryu and Daieisho to push them to two losses were less than typical performances against solid rikishi.

The other Maegashira in the hunt are Oho, Kotoshoho, Onosho, and Onosato. Those first three have been on Banzuke rollercoaster rides in the last year (or more). Don't count on consistency, but also they've shown their abilities for the first six days. More interesting is Onosato, because we have no track record with him. In fact, he now has just 50 professional matches and six in Makuuchi. The eye test has shown him to be as good as advertised from his amateur career. He shoved veteran rikishi Takarafuji so hard at the tachiai on Day One that the match was almost immediately over. He hasn't really faced a wild match or a grappling match yet, so there are tests to come.

Terunofuji and Kirishima have both already won matches where they got disrupted, which is what happens when you get to Yokozuna and Ozeki. Tobizaru just went completely off script against Terunofuji, but Terunofuji regrouped. Part of Kirishima's elevation to Ozeki and his shot at Yokozuna come from an increased ability to regroup when he gets off balance. Those two are also waiting for anyone who keeps threatening the yusho from the Maegashira ranks. Hoshoryu, Kotonowaka, and Daieisho are also possible opponents for anyone who keeps winning. With that in mind, we're still in the table setting portion of the basho.

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