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Hatsu 2024 Day Twelve

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Yusho Arasoi

11 Wins

05 Sekiwake East Kotonowaka

10 Wins

01 Yokozuna East Terunofuji

02 Ozeki #1 East Kirishima

03 Ozeki #1 West Hoshoryu

Notable Maneuvers

Hatakikomi. Usually, a slap down, as when Onosho lost his feet today against Kotonowaka. But Kirishima's victory over Tamawashi included slapping the Ageless Sekitori down AND out.

Match of the Day

01 Yokozuna East Terunofuji versus 38 Maegashira #15 West Onosato

This will be a match to look back on in wonder in the future, as we may not see these two clash much more. But in the present, it presented a remarkable opportunity for Onosato in his debut basho. Before either man got into a crouch, it was noticeable Onosato was not obviously bigger than his opponent for once. At the tachiai, which came after Terunofuji waited for Onosato to have his hands down for a few seconds, Onosato actually moved forward. The Yokozuna was going back towards the dohyo, but he's ranked where he is for a reason. He was able to forcefully and easily turn the young man around and send him over with a throw. Onosato needs to learn there are a handful of people who can do that to him.


There are, essentially, just four men with a chance at the yusho, and it's the ones at the top of the Banzuke. Kotonowaka has 11 wins, while Terunofuji, Kirishima, and Hoshoryu sit on 10. The sextet sitting at 8-4 will need Kotonowaka to lose his remaining three matches, while they can't have the other succeed more than once. It's not an actual impossibility, but it will functionally make it so.

Terunofuji, Hoshoryu, and Kotonowaka knocked back Onosho, Takanosho, and Onosato to 4 losses, so they deserve some credit for their situation. Yet Wakamotoharu's loss to Kotoshoho was what really removed any non-Sanyaku yusho hopes. The Yokozuna, competing Ozeki, and highest Sekiwake are fighting extremely well, and they have dismissed the Maegashira challengers. They also were responsible for three of Daieisho's 5 losses, so they impacted their fellow Sanyaku competitors.

Now they will get to see each other to decide who wins. The Day Thirteen double main event will start with Kirishima and Hoshoryu in the Ozeki-vs-Ozeki battle. They have an 8-8 career record against each other, although that includes a fusen win for Kirishima. The two also trade off their wins somewhat, and they tend to give each other their best. When they're done, the final match will see the yusho leader face the Yokozuna. Kotonowaka is a career 0-6 against Terunofuji, but he's never fought this well. Terunofuji has also been winning fairly consistently, but without looking like he's 100% healthy.

The yusho race isn't the only thing that matters, even for the four competitors. Kirishima still has a chance at earning a Yokozuna promotion with a second straight Emperor's Cup. A Hoshoryu yusho means he gets that shot in March. Kotonowaka has a shot at an Ozeki promotion with a good enough win total, and a yusho should seal it.

Below them, the Sanyaku places for March have not been settled. Daieisho needs one more win to remain Sekiwake, while the Komusubi slots could belong to Atamifuji, Abi, or Tobizaru. They all need to do work. The same could be said for the bottom of the Banzuke's Takarafuji and Tomokaze as they aim to avoid a Juryo demotion. Yet what we get at the end in the final three days is a four-way battle for the yusho among the top current rikishi.

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