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Hatsu 2024 Predictions

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The actual basho is one day away, so I once again am posting Predictions on this website for the whole world to see. I will freely admit that my Kyushu predictions were not great. I foresaw Kirishima contending, but not winning. I thought Atamifuji and Gonoyama would be slowed down a bit. At the bottom of the Banzuke, I saw Roga, Nishikifuji, and Kitanowaka holding on, while Ichiyamamoto and Churanoumi faceplanted.

I always want these to be right, because I'd like that opening paragraph to be a giant helping of "I told you so." I build these completely subjectively. The Power Rankings are a formula, and I stick the logical cold-bloodedness there. This is just a bit of fun to fill time before the first match.

It is also a look at things just before a basho. I am making two calls which are a little bold. The first is that Terunofuji will pull out early. He is scheduled for Days One and Two, and he's making all the right statements. There's just little in his recent history to suggest he's capable of going 15 days. I would really, really like to be wrong about that. My head is beating my heart out on this one.

And I don't see Kirishima taking the Yokozuna promotion for this basho. I do see a strong performance from him and the other Ozeki, with a Hoshoryu yusho. I also see Kotonowaka continuing his good form, but not at Ozeki promotion levels. I would also like to see Kirishima become Yokozuna, because it's an incredible story. Back-to-back yusho are the promotion rule-of-thumb for a reason. They are rare.

If the tournament goes how I see it, we get a Hoshoryu Yokozuna promotion shout for March, continued performance from the youth movement, and a battle against demotion for many rikishi. I'll also get to brag. More likely, the next fifteen days will unfold in a way no one saw coming. That's why we watch, after all.

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