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Kyushu 2019 Banzuke

The Banzuke is here. First, the thing itself, then some notes.


  • That's right: four Komusubi! The Banzuke committee decided that Hokutofuji and Asanoyama were worthy of the rank even though no space was available. They can do this, they just rarely have the need.

  • That has a cascade affect as well. Plenty of rikishi have superficially striking ranks, until you remember that, in reality, everyone is down one level because of the four Komusubi.

  • Therefore, the joi-jin line is Maegashira 3.

  • Onosho, Enho, and Yutakayama still have big rises in the rankings.

  • Ichinojo is the biggest faller, from Maegashira 2 to Maegashira 12, after his big fall on his arm at Aki. Shodai and Chiyotairyu are also far down the table.

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