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Kyushu 2019 Day Eight Recap

Day Eight was a somewhat more "normal" day of sumo than some others this tournament regarding who won, although there were still some odd circumstances.

M15w Daishoho (2-6) wins by yorikiri over M13e Chiyomaru (5-3)

Daishoho is showing some fire now that he is faced with turning right back around to Juryo.

M12w Takanosho (4-4) wins by yorikiri over M15e Daishomaru (3-5)

Takanosho is demonstrating that sometimes it is just really valuable to keep moving forward.

M11e Ishiura (4-4) wins by mitokorozeme over M14w Nishikigi (2-6)

Ishiura wins with the highly unusual "mitokorozeme," or triple attack. The three attacks are tripping, a leg lift, and burying your head into your opponent to knock them down.

M11w Chiyotairyu (5-3) wins by hatakikomi over M10e Shimanoumi (3-5)

Chiyotairyu executed the textbook upwards henka and easily put down Shimanoumi.

M14e Terutsuyoshi (4-4) wins by oshidashi over M10w Shodai (5-3)

Terutsuyoshi did a half-henka to get a sideways position and grip on Shodai to push him out.

M13w Kagayaki (6-2) wins by yorikiri over M9e Kotoshogiku (2-6)

Kotoshogiku learned how it felt for his opponents all these years to be grabbed underneath the armpits and forcefully sent out the dohyo. Kagayaki is tied in second place now.

M7e Tsurugisho (5-3) wins by oshidashi M8w Sadanoumi (5-3)

Tsurugisho rather neatly turned this match around in the middle of the dohyo after Sadanoumi got the early advantage.

M7w Kotoeko (3-5) wins by tsukiotoshi over M6e Onosho (4-4)

Right before he was about to be send over the edge, Kotoeko shifted his weight to the side and caused Onosho to tumble straight down.

M9w Yutakayama (5-3) wins by hatakikomi over M6w Enho (4-4)

What a strange one. These two had a false start because they did both put their hands down, but didn't actually engage. Then they did basically the same thing, but the gyoji told them to fight. Yutakayama was wary of Enho's trickery, while Enho was trying to be tricky. Enho twisted and turned, but Yutakayama did an excellent job of keeping his base firm. Eventually, Yutakayama wore Enho down and sent him to the clay. M8e Shohozan (5-3) wins by tsukiotoshi over M5w Ryuden (3-5)

Somehow, over the last few days, Ryuden of all people has developed balance issues.

M4w Kotoyuki (4-4) wins by oshidashi over M2e Myogiryu (3-5)

Sometimes sumo really is about outmuscling your opponents.

M1e Daieisho (5-3) wins by oshidashi over M1w Okinoumi (2-6)

See above.

K1w Endo (4-4) wins by oshidashi over K2e Hokutofuji (4-4)

Endo took the unusual step of pushing with a pusher. Still, he managed to take Hokutofuji by surprise with that gambit, and Hokutofuji spent a very entertaining match having to respond to Endo.

K2w Asanoyama (6-2) wins by oshidashi over K1e Abi (4-4)

Asanoyama withstood a battering to his face at the tachiai, then went on to grab Abi's mawashi with his left hand. That was it, despite Abi dislodging from the grip and needing to be pushed out at the end.

S1e Mitakeumi (4-4) wins by yorikiri over M5e Aoiyama (4-4)

Mitakeumi is finding his footing again. Whether it'll be enough to save kachi-koshi isn't very clear.

O2e Takakeisho (5-3) wins by oshidashi over M2w Meisei (4-4)

It is not good news for the other rikishi that Takakeisho is back in rhythm and has his tsuppari form again.

M3e Takarafuji (4-4) gets the fusen win over O1w Takayasu (3-5)

Takayasu went to the arena, performed the dohyo-iri, and prepared for this match. Yet he left the arena middle of the day with a lower back problem. His status is relatively unclear, but he needs 8 wins if he wants to stay Ozeki.

Y1w Hakuho (7-1) wins by yorikiri over M4e Tamawashi (4-4)

There was some tension in the build up for this one thanks to some matta shenanigans, which Hakuho naturally blamed on Tamawashi. On the third try, they began for real. And Hakuho dominated Tamawashi over the edge of the dohyo and off the platform.

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