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Kyushu 2019 Day One Recap

You can only learn so much after one day of action, which means it's time for MASSIVE OVERREACTIONS!

(Nothing here is too serious, take a deep breath and enjoy it.)

J1e Azumaryu (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M15w Daishoho (0-1)

Daishoho is on a spiral back into the depths of Juryo.

M16e Wakatakakage (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M15e Daishomaru (0-1)

Can Wakatakakage be a yusho threat in his debut tournament?

M14e Terutsuyoshi (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M14w Nishikigi (0-1)

The 14 win-man from the Nagoya basho is back! All hail the power of the salt throw.

M13e Chiyomaru (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over M13w Kagayaki (0-1)

Eternally Round? More like Eternally Winning in Kyushu.

M12w Takanosho (1-0) wins by oshidashi over M11w Chiyotairyu (0-1)

Takanosho figured out how to be a top-level Makuuchi rikishi during his recent Juryo stint. Chiyotairyu might have to do the same soon.

M10w Shodai (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M11e Ishiura (0-1)

A demotion down to M10 was clearly what Shodai needed to get himself in a yusho race.

M9w Yutakayama (1-0) wins by oshidashi over M10e Shimanoumi (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Yutakayama gets the win over future Juryo participant Shimanoumi.

M8w Sadanoumi (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M9e Kotoshogiku (0-1)

Sadanoumi might have found a new level, while Kotoshogiku might need to ponder retirement.

M8e Shohozan (1-0) wins by tsukidashi over M7w Kotoeko (0-1)

The old Shohozan (as in what he used to be) has returned to replace the old Shohozan (as in he has some years on him.)

M7e Tsurugisho (1-0) wins by uwatenage over M6w Enho (0-1)

Future Makuuchi stalwart Tsurugisho shows that Enho needs some new tricks to compete at this level.

M5w Ryuden (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over M6e Onosho (0-1)

Ryuden stakes a claim for future Sanyaku tournaments by dismissing Onosho as a future star. M5e Aoiyama (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over M4w Kotoyuki (0-1)

A big veteran like Aoiyama will just rack up the wins at M5.

M4e Tamawashi (1-0) wins by oshidashi over M3w Tomokaze (0-1)

Tomokaze doesn't stand a chance competing against veterans like Tamawashi.

M3e Takarafuji (1-0) wins by tsukiotoshi over K1e Abi (0-1)

Being a one-trick-pony will just get Abi nowhere against a veteran looking for double-digit wins like Takarafuji.

M2w Meisei (1-0) wins by shitatehineri over S1w Tochinoshin (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Meisei announces his presence by sending Tochinoshin to the clay and down the Banzuke.

S1e Mitakeumi (1-0) wins by hikiotoshi over M2e Myogiryu (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Mitakeumi gains pole position for a repeat Yusho performance.

O2e Takakeisho (1-0) wins by oshidashi over M1w Okinoumi (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Takakeisho shows Okinoumi it is foolish for any normal rikishi to challenge him on the road to his second Yusho.

O1w Takayasu (1-0) wins by tsukidashi over M1e Daieisho (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Takayasu shakes off his shoulder injury and gets ready for his promotion run.

K1w Endo (1-0) wins by yoritaoshi over O1e Goeido (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Endo puts Ozeki Goeido closer to kadoban and intai.

Y1w Hakuho (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over K2e Hokutofuji (0-1)

Prepare for Hakuho's sixteenth zensho-yusho.

K2w Asanoyama (1-0) gets fusen win over Y1e Kakuryu (0-1)

Kakuryu has slipped disk, making his career in doubt and giving Asanoyama the yusho platform he needs.

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