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Kyushu 2019 Day Three Recap

If anything is assured about Kyushu after three days, it's that it seems chaos will reign. A battered top of the Banzuke is combining with a raft of up-and-coming rikishi to make it possible anyone could win on any day. Additionally, throughout the ranks different wrestlers are finding their level. Hold on to your seats.

M16e Wakatakakage (3-0) wins by oshidashi over J1w Tokushoryu (1-2)

Co-leader Wakatakakage has beaten two juryo wrestlers, although his sumo has been steady and determined. He'll face an uptick in competition, but he seems like he could handle it.

M14e Terutsuyoshi (2-1) wins by yorikiri over M15w Daishoho (0-3)

Terutsuyoshi basically overwhelmed an increasingly disjointed Daishoho, who needs to find his sumo in a hurry.

M13w Kagayaki (2-1) wins by yorikiri over M15e Daishomaru (0-3)

Kagayaki's fundamentally sound sumo won out, less because he was so impressive and more because he was so focused on moving forward.

M14w Nishikigi (2-1) wins by oshidashi over M13e Chiyomaru (2-1)

Nishikigi won by simply getting inside on Chiyomaru and moving forward. Sometimes that's all it takes.

M11w Chiyotairyu (1-2) wins by tsukidashi over M11e Ishiura (0-3)

If ever there was an opponent to henka, it's Chiyotairyu, but Ishiura didn't do that. Instead, Chiyotairyu quite easily unleashed a tsuppari attack that sent Ishiura straight backwards.

M10w Shodai (3-0) wins by katasukashi over M12w Takanosho (1-2)

Co-leader Shodai first turned Takanosho around, then sent him to the tawara. At that point, Takanosho recovered, but Shodai had another trick by turning him around with a shoulder blade push down.

M10e Shimanoumi (2-1) wins by katasukashi over M9e Kotoshogiku (0-3)

Kotoshogiku is looking more and more like someone for whom retirement is calling soon. He has the style of the former Ozeki, but Shimanoumi was able to throw off the grip and spin him to the clay.

M8e Shohozan (2-1) wins by hatakikomi over M8w Sadanoumi (2-1)

Shohozan once again unleashed a furious slapfest and once again his opponent weathered it enough to move him around the dohyo. When Sadanoumi got him to the edge on Day Three, Shohozan managed to win with a nice little tawara dance.

M9w Yutakayama (3-0) wins by oshidashi over M7w Kotoeko (0-3)

Co-leader Yutakayama has always had the size, strength, and skills to dominate, and he just might be putting it all together now.

M6w Enho (2-1) wins by shitatedashinage over M6e Onosho (1-2)

Facing Enho provides a physics challenge for any opponent. Onosho tried to overcome this by getting the jump on Enho to go under the smaller man, but mostly resulted in some false starts. When the real match began, Onosho did what he wanted, but Enho was still able to get lower and maneuvered around for a pulling underarm throw. M5w Ryuden (2-1) wins by yorikiri over M7e Tsurugisho (2-1)

Ryuden was also in the business of collecting matta on Day Three, and the official match even looked like he got off before Tsurugisho got both hands down. Either way, Ryuden efficiently grabbed Tsurugisho's belt and showed him out.

M4w Kotoyuki (2-1) wins by tsukidashi over M4e Tamawashi (2-1)

Tamawashi can shove extremely hard, but Kotoyuki avoided that by hitting first and hitting repeatedly.

M5e Aoiyama (2-1) gets the fusen win over M3w Tomokaze (0-3)

Tomokaze's devastating knee injury on Day Two results in Aoiyama getting the freebie. Best of luck to Tomokaze on his recovery.

M2e Myogiryu (2-1) wins by oshidashi over K1e Abi (1-2)

Abi has been increasingly wild over the first three days of Kyushu, so Myogiryu managed to just get in and allow Abi to beat himself.

K2e Hokutofuji (2-1) wins by oshidashi over M3e Takarafuji (1-2)

Hokutofuji got the slight advantage at the tachiai, but redoubtable Takarafuji withstood the charge. Hokutofuji managed the win by never giving up his leverage and moving forward for a simple oshidashi.

S1w Tochinoshin (1-2) wins by hatakikomi over K1w Endo (1-2)

Tochinoshin still has some life left, although the hatakikomi to beat a crafty Endo isn't his usual brand of sumo.

S1e Mitakeumi (2-1) wins by yorikiri over M2w Meisei (2-1)

Mitakeumi never got any kind of grip beyond sending Meisei's left arm in the air. That was enough to force him out, though.

O1w Takayasu (2-1) wins by uwatenage over M1w Okinoumi (1-2)

After some awkward grappling, Takayasu unleashed a nifty uwatenage (with his right arm of course), but he also nearly came down at the same time as Okinoumi.

O2e Takakeisho (2-1) wins by hatakikomi over M1e Daieisho (1-2)

Daieisho did the remarkable by getting the better of a shoving match against Takakeisho. That still wasn't enough to force him out, so Takakeisho went for the desperate slap down at the edge and it worked. On the other hand, a mono-ii was called because the two men were so close to going out at the same time.

Y1w Hakuho (2-1) wins by sukuinage over K2w Asanoyama (2-1)

Hakuho went for disrupting Asanoyama's gameplan. That was how Hakuho easily threw over an off balance Asanoyama who never found his grip.

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