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Kyushu 2022 Day Thirteen

Yusho Arasoi

11 wins 11 Maegashira #1 East Takayasu

10 wins 02 Ozeki East Takakeisho 05 Sekiwake #1 West Hoshoryu 28 Maegashira #9 West Abi 36 Maegashira #13 West Oho

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Notable Manuevers

Uwatenage. An over arm throw isn't that notable usually, but in the Takayasu-Oho match it made the difference between the former Ozeki and the up-and-comer when it looked like they were even for much of the match.

Match of the Day

Ozeki #1 East Takakeisho versus Sekiwake #1 West Hoshoryu

The musubi no ichiban was fought in Takakeisho's style, but that didn't mean he have it easy. Takakeisho was pushing and thrusting away, but Hoshoryu managed to defend his slaps well enough to stay in it. Takakeisho never let up, even when Hoshoryu tried to turn around. That let the Ozeki win and make the yusho race much more interesting.


Six men came into Day Thirteen either tied for the lead or one win back, and they all squared off. In the order they mounted the dohyo, Abi easily pushed out Kagayaki, Takayasu threw down Oho, and Takakeisho thrusted Hoshoryu over the edge. That placed Takayasu as the sole leader, with the quartet of Takakeisho, Hoshoryu, Abi, and Oho one win back. Kagayaki joins Hiradoumi two off the pace, and likely out of yusho contention. The same six men all square off again on Day Fourteen, with Takakeisho seeing Oho, Hoshoryu facing Abi, and Takayasu meeting Kagayaki.

Although the yusho arasoi is always a focus and this one is complicated, many other things are undetermined for Kyushu. A full 19 rikishi remain on 7 or 6 wins, meaning their kachi-koshi or make-koshi is still up for grabs. Winning records mean promotions, and every rikishi wants to move up in rank. Weirdly, the Juryo demotions are probably locked in place, as the Isegahama pair of Terutsuyoshi and Atamifuji have performed poorly enough to go down. With Chiyotairyu retiring, that might be the only rikishi going back to the second division.

At the other end of Makuuchi, the Sanyaku slots for the start of 2023 are very much unclear. With Shodai losing to Tamawashi, he assured he will go down to Sekiwake for January. Takakeisho will be the only Ozeki. Otherwise, the positioning is hard to say. Hoshoryu has already assured the top Sekiwake slot, but Wakatakakage is fighting to keep his. Kiribayama may also have a shout for sumo's third rank. Takayasu also has a claim, which would be strengthened with a yusho. Mitakeumi is trying not to tumble out of Sanyaku after losing his Ozeki rank. Kotonowaka may finally make it into the Sanyaku ranks, while Meisei also still has a chance for a Sanyaku return with a strong finish.

Yet the five men with a yusho chance all have the big prize in their sights. For Hoshoryu, Takayasu, Abi, and Oho, this would be a first yusho. Takayasu has been the runner up 6 times, and a yusho takes a monkey off his back. Abi also is a veteran who would like a career capper. Hoshoryu and Oho, meanwhile would get their first early in their careers. That would set up for the greatness that has been expected of the two since they entered sumo.

Just maybe Takakeisho has the most to fight for. Although he has won yusho before, another yusho as Ozeki means he would be in position to earn the ultimate promotion. Takakeisho may finally become the next Yokozuna despite the injuries and underwhelming performances. That is still on the table for Kyushu, as well as everything else. Get ready for a monumental final weekend.
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