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Kyushu 2022 is Live!

Fantasy Basho is live on Fantasizr for the Kyushu 2022 tournament. Live sumo starts on November 13th, so that's how long you have to pick your team. But go ahead and sign up for the Public League or Create Your Own Private League. It is easy for anyone to play, just select four rikishi. That makes it simple to get a friend or five to join up. Just remember, each team must fit in this budget:

The Banzuke was a little different this time around, because Mitakeumi's demotion from Ozeki meant three Sekiwake was a guarantee and there was a plethora of men who had Komusubi level performances. Although previous winner Tamawashi, Kiribayama, Tobizaru, and Daieisho got the lowest Sanyaku rank, Takayasu and Kotonowaka performed just as well as previous Komusubi. Once again, lower Sanyaku and upper Maegashira are crowded.

At the other end of the Banzuke, the promotion/relegation between the top Makuuchi division and the second Juryo division was complicated. Here, no one was really in a usual position for a lower Maegashira. Hiradoumi went 7-8 from the lowest Maegashira spot in Aki, but he doesn't get demoted. Yutakayama, Tsurugisho, and Mitoryu all had much worse records. And coming up from Juryo are Azumaryu and Kagayaki after 9-6 records, as well as Atamifuji after an 8-7. A bare kachi-koshi isn't usually exciting, but Atamifuji just turned 20 and is a future star.

There are many questions to be answered before sumo even starts, including if Terunofuji is even up to competing. Although a healthy Yokozuna is always best, a nokozuna basho would be preferable to one where he limps into the competition. Check back here to see any updates on rikishi health and some other fun pieces before the sumo starts on November 13th.

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