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Kyushu 2023 is LIVE on Fantasizr!

The banzuke is published and that means Fantasy Basho is live and ready to go on Fantasizr for the Kyushu basho. You can either join the Public League or Create Your Own Private League. You have two weeks to make your picks for Day One, and you could even pick a new team each day until the basho starts. (And the smart move probably IS to pick a new team each day during the basho.)

Of course, you must always pick your team according to the Budget. Out of 50, you need to pick four rikishi with the right allocation. Everyone gets their budget by rank, so here is the Banzuke listed in Fantasy Basho style and according to the Budget.


  • The shape of the Sanyaku ranks remains the same for Kyushu as it was for Aki. We have one Yokozuna, three Ozeki, three Sekiwake, and two Komusubi. In fact, it's the same men at Yokozuna, Ozeki, and Sekiwake, Takakeisho has just taken the top Ozeki spot after his yusho. The Komusubi get changed, as Nishikigi and Tobizaru are replaced by the younger-but-longer-serving pair of Abi and Hokutofuji.

  • There isn't even a whole lot of surprise in the joi-jin. With 9 Sanyaku men, the line at which the top men all have to face each other is Maegashira #4 East. Takayasu is a familiar face who shot back up in this range, but everyone else has been around recently. Gonoyama might get a full Sanyaku slate for the first time, but he got two Ozeki, a Sekiwake, and a Komusubi in Aki. The balance that has been found at the top of the banzuke of late is still there. This is true even if we include the inevitable Sanyaku clashes Nishikigi, Onosho, and Midorifuji will have.

  • The bottom of the Banzuke has much more intrigue, as six rikishi are popping up from Juryo. Tomokaze returns after four years out of Makuuchi thanks to injuries. Ichiyamamoto pops back up after dominating Juryo in September. Roga, Tohakuryu, Churanoumi, and Kitanowaka will be making debuts. Those debuts are not similar, however. Roga and Kitanowaka are relatively young, with potentially birght futures. Tohakuryu is a little more veteran, but could come in with an ability to stay. Churanoumi is a good story as a 30 year old debutant, although his chances of sticking are not great. (For the record, Hakuoho, Aoiyama, Chiyoshoma, Kotoshoho, Kagayaki, and Daishoho all dropped. Hakuoho had shoulder surgery, and everyone else was very bad in Aki.)

  • Just some weirdness. Hokuseiho and Kinbozan still seem weirdly attached after making their debut together in March. Maegashira #7 is also a good spot to beat up on Maegashira in week one if you're feeling it. Tamawashi dropped to Maehashira #12, which is wild and also still amazing for a guy fighting that long in Makuuchi. Tomokaze and Ichiyamamoto very high for the Juryo promotees, but there was also one returning Maegashira below them. But what a cushion to avoid a possible demotion.

Live sumo begins for Kyushu on Sunday, November 12th. Check back for more updates here until then.

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