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Nagoya 2019 Day Fourteen Recap

There is just one more day left in the Nagoya basho for 2019. Yet so many things are still up in the air. Let's figure out what to watch on Day Fifteen.

Yusho Race

There might be only one more day, but the Yokozuna could have two more matches. With Hokutofuji putting dirt on Terutsuyoshi, the only possible Yusho winners are Kakuryu and Hakuho. However, since Hakuho lost to Kotoshogiku, the only way Hakuho lifts his 43rd Yusho is with a playoff.

A playoff takes place immediately after the day's matches and pits the two tied rikishi. Since this is Day Fifteen and the two Yokozuna would be tied, they will face each other twice, back to back. But that only happens if Hakuho prevails in the regularly scheduled battle.

Special Prizes

Tomokaze and Terutsuyoshi have 11 wins. They also face each other on Day Fifteen, which usually means they are fighting for a Special Prize. (This doesn't bar either from getting a second Prize.) Similarly, Hokutofuji and Endo sit on 9 wins and face each other. They might also be fighting for Prizes, as the winner will get 10 wins from upper Maegashira. Kotoyuki's at 10 wins from lower Maegashira, which is usually Prize territory, as well.


Mitakeumi has 8 wins. Takakeisho will drop from Ozeki. That means they will be the Sekiwake in Aki. Who will round out Sanyaku at Komusubi is up in the air. Abi will keep his rank if he secures his 8th win. The winner of Hokutofuji and Endo will probably join him at Komusubi. If Abi loses, they might both go up.

Kachi-Koshi Matches

Abi and Kotoshogiku will face each other on Day 15. So do Chiyotairyu and Toyonoshima. Same holds for Kagayaki and Okinoumi. They also are all 7-7, meaning winners get Kachi-Koshi and losers get Make-Koshi. The other 7-7 wrestler is Aoiyama, who will be fighting for his winning record against 8-6 Daieisho.

It all will be done tomorrow. Buckle in.

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