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Nagoya 2019 Day One Recap: Massive Overreactions

What can you tell from the first day of a basho? Not much. What can you do with the first day of a basho? MASSIVE OVERREACTIONS.

M16w Terutsuyoshi (1-0) wins by hikiotoshi over M16e Kotoyuki (0-1)

Look who's solidified their Makuuchi status and who is on a one way Shinkansen back to Juryo.

M15w Kaisei (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M15e Yago (0-1)

Kaisei is too big, too strong, and too talented to be at Maegashira 15. He will easily make his way into Yusho competition.

M14w Enho (1-0) wins by uwatedashinage over M14e Toyonoshima (0-1)

Enho is back to his usual way. Forget that bandage, he'll submarine you to an Emperor's Cup!

M13e Chiyomaru (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over M13w Sadanoumi (0-1)

Eternally Round means Eternally winning. Make way for Chiyomaru in the awards ceremonies.

M12w Kagayaki (1-0) wins by oshidashi over M12e Tochiozan (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Kagayaki is back! Future Juryo demotion Tochiozan seems to have stopped by as well.

M10w Takagenji (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M11w Nishikigi (0-1)

Not only did Takagenji get his first win as a Maegashira, but he showed that he could be a Future Yokozuna.

M10e Kotoeko (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M9w Daishoho (0-1)

You can't keep the Kotoeko train from chugging along. Daishoho will apparently be stopped all the time.

M9e Shohozan (1-0) wins by uwatenage over M8w Okinoumi (0-1)

Shohozan has found the fountain of youth. Okinoumi has not.

M7w Tomokaze (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over M8e Onosho (0-1)

When a Future Yokozuna like Tomokaze is on a roll, a one-dimensional riksihi like Onosho doesn't stand a chance.

M7e Myogiryu (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M6w Shimanoumi (0-1)

If he can't withstand Myogiryu, Shimanoumi has no chance to compete at a higher level.

M6e Chiyotairyu (1-0) wins by tsukidashi over M5w Takarafuji (0-1)

The Eternal Dragon is just too big and bulbous for Takarafuji to do anything but go backwards. How could anyone stop that belly?

M5e Kotoshogiku (1-0) wins by yorikiri over M4w Ichinojo (0-1)

Solid, fundamental Kotoshogiku is too mcuh for mid-Maegashira. Sleepy, lethargic Ichinojo won't be able to do anything this basho.

M3w Daieisho (1-0) wins by oshitaoshi over M4e Meisei (0-1)

Future Yokozuna Daieisho showed Meisei he's got a whole 'nother thing coming at this rank.

M3e Shodai (1-0) wins by tsukiotoshi over S1w Tamawashi (0-1)

Who needs to win a tachiai? Not future Yokozuna Shodai, who withstood Tamawashi's powerful thrust and bounced him right out.

M2e Aoiyama (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over S1e Mitakeumi (0-1)

Aoiyama will let people bounce off him and slap 'em down for days. Fifteen days, in fact, right to the Emperor's Cup.

M2w Endo (1-0) wins by uwatedashinage over O2w Tochinoshin (0-1)

Endo's found the secret weapon to fulfill those Future Yokozuna expectations: a right-hand grip right above the crotch. Tochinoshin can't stop it, but can anyone else? And is the big Georgian headed back out of the Ozeki ranks?

O1w Takayasu (1-0) wins by oshidashi over M1w Hokutofuji (0-1)

Takayasu is in line for his first yusho now and maybe save a top spot for this future Yokozuna. He manhandled poor Hokutofuji, who might be facing a big drop.

M1e Asanoyama (1-0) wins by yorikiri over O1e Goeido (0-1)

Asanoyama will get his second Yusho in a row to break rules and become a Yokozuna without having been in Sanyaku. Obviously.

Y1w Hakuho (1-0) wins by hatakikomi over K1e Abi (0-1)

This is what you get when you come for the boss, Abi. Total domination. (Maybe not an overreaction. Hakuho looks engaged and tossed Abi around like he was playing with a new recruit to his stable.)

Y1e Kakuryu (1-0) wins by yorikiri over K1w Ryuden (0-1)

You know what getting a solid grip, using excellent footwork, and moving steadily forward makes you? A Yokozuna. You know what doing that for fifteen days will mean? Yusho.

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