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Nagoya 2019 Day Seven Recap

M16w Terutsuyoshi (6-1) wins by oshidashi over J1e Tokushoryu (2-5)

Tokoshoryu became the first Juryo visitor for Nagoya, and Terutsuyoshi used that to get back on track after his first loss. At least he had to work for it.

M14e Toyonoshima (2-5) wins by tottari over M13w Sadanoumi (4-3)

Toyonoshima looks the best he has all basho with an arm-bar throw win over Sadanoumi, who seemed just as surprised as everyone else that it happened.

M16e Kotoyuki (5-2) wins by tsukidashi over M13e Chiyomaru (3-4)

Kotoyuki has looked increasingly solid, and on Day Seven he took it right to the much bigger Chiyomaru.

M12w Kagayaki (4-3) wins by oshitaoshi over M14w Enho (5-2)

These two were elementary school classmates, apparently, and Kagayaki appropriately seemed completely unfazed by Enho's unique brand of sumo.

M15e Yago (3-4) wins by hatakikomi over M12e Tochiozan (2-5)

Yago withstood Tochiozan's offense well enough to be able to beat him by hatakikomi. That's better than the other way.

M10e Kotoeko (3-4) wins by sukuinage over M15w Kaisei (1-6)

Kaisei appeared to be getting back on track, holding up against Kotoeko and nearly tipping him over the bales. That nearly proved trouble, as Kotoeko ended up being able to toss over the bigger man.

M9e Shohozan (4-3) wins by yorikiri over M10w Takagenji (4-3)

Shohozan, usually prone to wild and violent shoving, took it right to Takagenji's chest, stalemated, and wore the rookie down. Takagenji has now lost three in a row after winning his first four and needs to re-find his brand of sumo.

M8w Okinoumi (4-3) wins by uwatehineri over M11w Nishikigi (2-5)

Nishikigi always attempts to bottle up his opponents, but Okinoumi didn't seem to mind. He just responded with a twisting underarm throw.

M8e Onosho (3-4) wins by oshidashi over M9w Daishoho (3-4)

Onosho unleashed a pale imitation of his brand of sumo, sending himself at Daishoho from the tachiai in a less than overwhelming fashion. Still, it was enough to win, which is what matters.

M6e Chiyotairyu (4-3) wins by oshidashi over M7w Tomokaze (5-2)

Tomokaze withstood Chiyotairyu's tachiai, but had no answer for his redoubling charge after they bounced apart.

M6w Shimanoumi (3-4) wins by uwatedashinage over M5e Kotoshogiku (4-3)

Kotoshogiku successfully launched his brand of sumo, and began the belly-bump hug 'n' chug against Shimanoumi. As it turned out, Shimianoumi had the answer with a pulling overarm throw.

M7e Myogiryu (5-2) wins by yorikiri over M4w Ichinojo (5-2)

Ichinojo was a physics problem for himself on Day Seven. Myogiryu was able to get underneath the giant Mongolian and shove his upper body back, which gave Ichinojo no ability to counteract his backwards momentum.

M4e Meisei (1-6) wins by yorikiri over M5w Takarafuji (2-5)

Meisei got his first win by sheer determination here. He was flailing and his legs were thrashing, but the combination was too much for Takarafuji.

M1w Hokutofuji (4-3) wins by oshidashi over K1e Abi (2-5)

This was another match that provides evidence that maybe Abi should adjust his brand of sumo more. Hokutofuji not only handled Abi's tsuppari but blew it up and sent Abi flying backwards, sideways, and out. Hokutofuji is above water after week one from the Maegashira 1 slot, and he could have a great second week.

K1w Ryuden (3-4) wins by tsukiotoshi over S1w Tamawashi (1-6)

If you're brand of sumo is out of sorts, Ryuden is the worst person to face. He will always make his opponent awkward and Tamawashi is not fighting like he could handle it for Nagoya.

S1e Mitakeumi (5-2) wins by oshidashi over M1e Asanoyama (2-5)

MItakeumi immediately put his head in Asanoyama's chest, which allowed his brand of sumo to win convincingly.

O1w Takayasu (6-1) wins by oshidashi over M2e Aoiyama (3-4)

Takayasu has put himself in position to be ready for the Yusho if either Yokozuna stumble. He will get to face them on Day Thirteen and Fourteen at this pace, so his functional wins like this one against Aoiyama are key for his championship hopes.

M2w Endo (3-4) wins by yorikiri over O1e Goeido (3-4)

Endo, who does not have a brand of sumo but about three or four, should be overwhelmed by Goeido's power and speed if Goeido is on. Goeido was definitely not on, and has rarely been this basho, giving Endo an easy win.

Y1w Hakuho (7-0) wins by hatakikomi over M3w Daieisho (3-4)

In one sense, this was classic Hakuho, as he took Daieisho's best shot and sent him to the ground. On the other hand, Hakuho was on the defensive the whole match, and it wasn't his best win.

Y1e Kakuryu (7-0) wins by yorikiri over M3e Shodai (4-3)

Kakuryu didn't allow Shodai to get into his wild and chaotic brand of sumo, but easily bottled him up and walked him over the edge.

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