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Nagoya 2019 Power Rankings

With a banzuke set, that means everyone can seriously begin thinking about their draft. As usual, Fantasy Basho has put together Power Rankings. A reminder on how these are formulated:

  • Take each rikishi's point total for the most recent basho and multiply it by three

  • Take each rikishi's point total for the second most recent basho and multiply it by two

  • Take each rikishi's point total for the third most recent basho

  • Add those three numbers together

  • For any Sanyaku wrestlers, add a bonus as follows, 50 for a Yokozuna, 30 for an Ozeki, 20 for a Sekiwake, and 10 for a Komusubi.

  • For anyone who was in Juryo, count their wins in Juryo as a basho point total

If that doesn't help, the chart will help. Hopefully. Extra notes on these specific rankings below.


  • There are reasons to be underwhelmed by the top. Kakuryu lost 3 of his last 5 matches in May. Goeido and Takayasu both only managed 9 in May, and have not really been contenders in awhile. Hakuho didn't even compete in May. Still, they are all high rankers for a reason, and they probably are as safe a bet to get double digits as anyone.

  • Without the Sanyaku bonuses, the top five would be Asanoyama at 122, then Goeido at 120, Abi and Ryuden tied for third at 115, and Takayasu and Meisei tied for fifth at 112. Of course, that bonus is there because you need consistency to make and maintain a top rank.

  • Ichinojo's spot on the Power Rankings is still pretty good considering he had just five wins in the last basho. Getting fourteen wins and a special prize just before that helps, of course.

  • Shimanoumi is 14th on this list, despite being weighed down by the two 13s from his back to back Juryo yusho in January and March. It is totally fair to view him as underrated by this method.

  • The Juryo champion from May, Takagenji, might actually be appropriately rated here. He did win 13 in May, but it came after two mediocre performances in the second division.

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