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Nagoya 2021 Rikishi Preview

Fantasy Basho is live on Fantasizr for Natsu 2021! You can play now, and use the below previews to select your Day One squad.


白鵬 翔 | Hakuho Sho

Yokozuna East

Stable: Miyagino

From: Mongolia

Last 3 Basho: 0-0-15, 2-1-12, 0-0-15

Previous Rank: Yokozuna East

Hakuho is the best to ever do it, but he's also not finished a basho since March 2020. He has promised July is decisive, and his entire career suggests he will want to go out on top no matter what he has to do. He won't be the Hakuho of old, but he'll be worth watching the whole time.

照ノ富士 春雄 | Terunofuji Haruo

Ozeki 1 East

Stable: Isegahama

From: Mongolia

Last 3 Basho: 12-3 Y, 12-3 Y, 11-4 J

Previous Rank: Ozeki 2 West

Can he do it? Can he get a third straight yusho and gain the promotion to Yokozuna? The men who have won three straight since 1960 are Taiho, Kitanoumi, Chiyonofuji, Akebono, Takanohana, Asashoryu, and Hakuho. That's a list of legendary Yokozuna, which shows how tough that is. But if his knees hold up, he's been the best around.

貴景勝 光信 | Takakeisho Mitsunobu

Ozeki 1 West

Stable: Tokiwayama

From: Hyogo

Last 3 Basho: 12-3 J, 2-8-5, 13-2 Y

Previous Rank: Ozeki 1 West

If there's one man who can stop Terunofuji's rope run, it's got to be Takakeisho. In the last four basho, they've had a playoff match twice, and Takakeisho beat him in November. He is also a 24 year old who has been an Ozeki for two years, with two yusho and five jun-yusho to his name. He is just plain good.

正代 直也 | Shodai Naoya

Ozeki 2 East

Stable: Tokitsukaze

From: Kumamoto

Last 3 Basho: 9-6, 7-8, 11-4 J

Previous Rank: Ozeki 2 East

Shodai is kind of the "other Ozeki" right now compared to Yokozuna contenders and the banished rikishi (see below). He is extremely talented, with a particular knack at turning around his opponent's best sumo. He also has a knack for taking his opponent's best sumo, which makes his matches among the most interesting each day.

朝乃山 英樹 | Asanoyama Hideki

Ozeki 2 West

Stable: Takasago

From: Toyama

Last 3 Basho: 7-5-3, 10-5, 11-4 J

Previous Rank: Ozeki 1 East

Asanoyama, won't be seeing him no more. Or at least for a year. In May, during the Natsu basho, a tabloid revealed Asanoyama had been visiting hostess clubs against COVID rules. He had also been lying to the JSA about it. After he left the basho, the JSA gave him a six-tournament ban. Next time he mounts the doyho, he'll be a year older and likely in Sandanme.

高安 晃 | Takayasu Akira

Sekiwake East

Stable: Taganoura

From: Ibaraki

Last 3 Basho: 10-5, 10-5, 9-6

Previous Rank: Sekiwake East

Takayasu has cemented his place as a Sanyaku mainstay again, although a return to Ozeki-hood feels like it's out of reach. He was in the last two yusho races due to a strong first week, but fell off in the second week. And that's the problem, he is probably about the fifth or sixth best rikishi on the planet right now.

御嶽海 久司 | Mitakeumi Hisashi

Sekiwake West

Stable: Dewanoumi

From: Nagano

Last 3 Basho: 10-5, 8-7, 9-6

Previous Rank: Komusubi East

Mitakeumi hasn't done worse than 6-9 since July 2016, during which he has mostly been in the Sanyaku ranks. He also has 2 yusho and just 5 losing records in that time. Yet there is a feeling that he should have done more and sealed one of the many almost Ozeki runs in that time frame. Still, he's better than most.

若隆景 渥| Wakatakakage Atsushi

Komusubi East

Stable: Arashio

From: Fukushima

Last 3 Basho: 9-6, 10-5, 0-0-15

Previous Rank: Maegashira 1 East

Wakatakakage has slowly, steadily climbed the Banzuke up to the Sanyaku ranks. He is surprisingly strong for an undersized rikishi, while his agility and footwork keep him in a match against anyone. The question now is if he can topple the biggest names in sumo with regularity.

明生 力| Meisei Chikara

Komusubi West

Stable: Tatsunami

From: Kagoshima

Last 3 Basho: 8-7, 10-5, 8-7

Previous Rank: Maegashira 2 East

Meisei will make his Sanyaku debut in Nagoya just like fellow Komusubi Wakatakakage. Meisei fell to Juryo due to injury a year ago, and has simply won more often than he's lost since then. Notably, he has recently added more pushing and thrusting kimarite to his traditional yorikiri-heavy winning attacks.

遠藤 聖大 | Endo Shota

Maegashira 1 East

Stable: Oitekaze

From: Ishikawa

Last 3 Basho: 11-4, 5-5-5, 7-8

Previous Rank: Maegashira 8 West

Endo was in the yusho race until the final day, although he lost against Shodai on Day Fifteen and didn't even get a jun-yusho. The ultimate tactical chameleon looked as good as he has in a long while, but it still added up to just 11 wins. That could be his high water mark from now on, as he will see a much tougher slate of competitors at Maegashira 1.

大栄翔 勇人 | Daieisho Hayato

Maegashira 1 West

Stable: Oitekaze

From: Saitama

Last 3 Basho: 6-9, 8-7, 13-2 Y

Previous Rank: Komusubi West

Since his January yusho, Daieisho has gone 8-7 and 6-9. That's not terrible, although it also obviously isn't as good as his 13-2 from Hatsu. That rikishi is still there, and he is only 27, so future high win totals aren't out of the question.

隆の勝 伸明 | Takanosho Nobuaki

Maegashira 2 East

Stable: Tokiwayama

From: Chiba

Last 3 Basho: 5-10, 8-7, 9-6

Previous Rank: Sekiwake West

After maintaining a Sekiwake rank for three basho, Takanosho stumbled to a 5-10 at Natsu. He has proven over the last year that he can hang with the best of the best, although not stand out. At Maegashira 2, there's no reason he can't get a winning record during the Nagoya basho.

逸ノ城 駿 | Ichinojo Takashi

Maegashira 2 West

Stable: Minato

From: Mongolia

Last 3 Basho: 9-6, 7-8, 9-6

Previous Rank: Maegashira 6 West

Ichinojo is slowly creeping back up near the Sanyaku ranks. He no longer looks like the overwhelming force he once was, but he does still have an ability to use his incredible size. The perennial physics problem, for himself and his opponents, is always a threat to do something no one else will do in a basho.

北勝富士 大輝 | Hokutofuji Daiki

Maegashira 3 East

Stable: Hakkaku

From: Saitama

Last 3 Basho: 6-9, 9-6, 7-8

Previous Rank: Maegashira 1 West

Hokutofuji remains the rikishi most likely to have an impressive looking basho with a winning record. He puts his all into each match, thrusting at his opponent's neck and ending up bloody surprisingly often. That still does not lead to a ton of wins enough.

翔猿 正也| Tobizaru Masaya

Maegashira 3 West

Stable: Oitekaze

From: Tokyo

Last 3 Basho: 5-10, 10-5, 6-9

Previous Rank: Maegashira 2 West

The Flying Monkey did not do well at Maegashira 2. Unfortunately for him, the rest of Makuuchi had records that meant he didn't get demoted too far from his previous rank. That could be bad news for Tobizaru, who will face a similar slate that he registered a 5-10 against last basho. At least it will be entertaining.

琴恵光 充憲| Kotoeko Mitsunori

Maegashira 4 East

Stable: Sadogatake

From: Miyazaki

Last 3 Basho: 9-6, 8-7, 6-9

Previous Rank: Maegashira 12 East

Kotoeko has seemingly been all over the Banzuke and now is up to Maegashira 4 after a 9-6 at Maegashira 12. He could do something here, because he is a strong, composed veteran. On the other hand, his success seems to always come at a much lower rank.

千代大龍 秀政 | Chiyotairyu Hidemasa

Maegashira 4 West

Stable: Kokonoe

From: Tokyo

Last 3 Basho: 10-5, 6-9, 0-0-15

Previous Rank: Maegashira 14 West

After a series of uninispiring tournaments, Chiyotairyu put up 10 wins from Maegashira 14. Now, he's up at Maegashira 4 for Natsu. His brand of sumo is still running into the other guy as hard as possible and he isn't quite as powerful as he used to be. This could be a problem for him.

隠岐の海 歩 | Okinoumi Ayumi

Maegashira 5 East

Stable: Hakkaku

From: Shimane

Last 3 Basho: 9-6, 3-12, 7-8

Previous Rank: Maegashira 12 West

Okinoumi will turn 36 just after the Nagoya basho. He recently has seemed to alternate between showing his age in a good way and a bad way. He is a crafty veteran who knows exactly what he's doing, but also can't quite handle some opponents athletically.

豊昇龍 智勝 | Hoshoryu Tomokatsu

Maegashira 5 West

Stable: Tatsunami

From: Mongolia

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 8-7, 9-6

Previous Rank: Maegashira 5 East

Hoshoryu hit a small stumbling block at Natsu, but a 7-8 in upper Maegashira from an almost 22 year old is a good indicator overall. The tricky Mongolian is probably unable to rise up into Sanyaku by taking fellow rikishi head on. The good news for him is he has enough trips, switches, and overall peculiarity to take on anyone.

阿武咲 奎也 | Onosho Fumiya

Maegashira 6 East

Stable: Onomatsu

From: Aomori

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 4-11, 9-6

Previous Rank: Maegashira 5 West

Onosho seems mired in just-off-the-joi-jin-ability. If he has to face all the top ranked rikishi, he'll do poorly. When he sits favorably away from them, he can make some hay. Importantly, he is at Maegashira 6, so he could do well if there aren't serious injuries above him.

霧馬山 鐵雄 | Kiribayama Tetsuo

Maegashira 6 West

Stable: Michinoku

From: Mongolia

Previous 3 Basho: 6-9, 7-8, 8-7

Previous Rank: Maegashira 4 East

Kiribayama is an extremely athletic rikishi, which actually can sometimes be his undoing. There is no match where Kiribayama cannot spin himself or the other rikishi on the dohyo around. That usually leads to a chaos he cannot always manage, but it also surprises the other rikishi.

妙義龍 泰成 | Myogiryu Yasunari

Maegashira 7 East

Stable: Sakaigawa

From: Hyogo

Last 3 Basho: 6-9, 7-8, 8-7

Previous Rank: Maegashira 4 West

Myogiryu has been showing his age recently, although in a way befitting his athletic style. Some days, he just doesn't have it and loses. Other days, he can still throw his fastball by guys and gets a decisive win.

千代翔馬 富士雄 | Chiyoshoma Fujio

Maegashira 7 West

Stable: Kokonoe

From: Mongolia

Last 3 Basho: 8-7, 8-7, 0-0-15

Previous Rank: Maegashira 11 West

Chiyoshoma at Maegashira 7? A solid 8-7 at Maegashira 11 and some Banzuke luck has the Mongolian at his highest rank in three years. Likely, this elevation will make Chiyoshoma pull out even more tricks, oddness, and especially henkas.

宝富士 大輔 | Takarafuji Daisuke

Maegashira 8 East

Stable: Isegahama

From: Aomori

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 3-12, 9-6

Previous Rank: Maegashira 7 West

Takarafuji has bounced around the banzuke the last few basho, but Maegashira 8 just might be his true level. The solid veteran is unlikely to be overwhelmed here, and he will never beat himself with poor footwork or silly mistakes.

碧山 亘右 | Aoiyama Kosuke

Maegashira 8 West

Stable: Kasugano

From: Bulgaria

Last 3 Basho: 4-3-8, 11-4 J, 6-9

Previous Rank: Maegashira 3 East

Aoiyama followed his March jun-yusho by missing the first week due to injury. He did manage to come back and win more than he lost, but that still just meant 4 wins. The Big Bulgarian is still massive and knows what he's doing, so he can make noise on the dohyo.

英乃海 拓也| Hidenoumi Takuya

Maegashira 9 East

Stable: Kise

From: Tokyo

Last 3 Basho: 5-10, 10-5, 11-4 (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Maegashira 6 East

After his surprise 10-5 in March, Hidenoumi got highly elevated and flipped the record. As a long-term Juryo mainstay, he probably isn't really able to keep a mid-Maegashira rank. He is 15-15 since his return to Makuuchi two basho ago, so maybe he'll level out with a small demotion.

志摩ノ海 航洋 | Shimanoumi Koyo

Maegashira 9 West

Stable: Kise

From: Mie

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 4-11, 9-6

Previous Rank: Maegashira 9 East

Shimanoumi held steady during Natsu, after a disastrous Haru. His singular brand of sumo, energetic pushing and thrusting at very close range, certainly leads to each match being in his style. Weirdly, that doesn't lead to consistent winning, but it is interesting.

玉鷲 一朗 | Tamawashi Ichiro

Maegashira 10 East

Stable: Kataonami

From: Mongolia

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 5-10, 6-9

Previous Rank: Maegashira 10 East

Tamawashi is the oldest rikishi in Makuuchi, four months ahead of Hakuho, and he is finally looking like it. Over the last few basho, his second week has been much worse than his first. The strength and force that defines Tamawashi's sumo is apparently no longer up to 15 days.

照強 翔輝 | Terutsuyoshi Shoki

Maegashira 10 West

Stable: Isegahama

From: Hyogo

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 8-7, 7-8

Previous Rank: Maegashira 10 West

Terutsuyoshi is 22-23 over the last three basho. That consistency in record belies his furious, undersized power sumo. Even when it all comes out in the wash, his individual results vary. At Natsu, he followed a 5 match losing streak with a 4 match winning streak.

魁聖 一郎 | Kaisei Ichiro

Maegashira 11 East

Stable: Tomozuna

From: Brazil

Last 3 Basho: 9-6, 8-7, 6-9

Previous Rank: Maegashira 15 East

Kaisei shows his age and years of sumo when he walks on and off the dohyo these days. Despite that, he's got two straight winning records. No one will out-muscle the Brazilian, and if he gets a hold he will be in good shape.

琴ノ若 傑太 | Kotonowaka Masahiro

Maegashira 11 West

Stable: Sadogatake

From: Chiba

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 6-9, 10-5

Previous Rank: Maegashira 11 East

Kotonowaka still holds a lot of promise, but he's been slightly found out. For all of his ability, he can get mechanical and is easily found out by opponents. He is also just 23 and smart, which means he can probably figure this out and rise back up the Banzuke.

栃ノ心 剛史 | Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi

Maegashira 12 East

Stable: Kasugano

From: Georgia

Last 3 Basho: 5-10, 7-8, 4-11

Previous Rank: Maegashira 7 East

Tochinoshin is in a slide down the rankings, which got accelerated with a 5-10 in May. The Tochinoshin that could lift anyone and guide them out of the dohyo appears gone, and his wily veteran act hasn't quite gotten him to consistent winning records. If he can figure it out, he can avoid dropping down to Juryo.

輝 大士 | Kagayaki Taishi

Maegashira 12 West

Stable: Takadagawa

From: Ishikawa

Last 3 Basho: 6-9, 6-9, 6-9

Previous Rank: Maegashira 9 West

Kagayaki is a model sumo wrestler until the match starts. For some reason, Kagayaki's immense physical gifts and skills don't quite come together for consistent wins. There's no reason he can't work it out, but he hasn't recently.

千代丸 一樹 | Chiyomaru Kazuki

Maegashira 13 East

Stable: Kokonoe

From: Kagoshima

Last 3 Basho: 8-7, 9-6 (Juryo), 0-0-15 (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Maegashira 16 West

The Eternally Round one managed to keep his Maegashira slot after a bare 8-7. This has been rare for him in recent years, but he also has consistently been in upper Juryo. There's no good reason he can't keep holding his own against lower Maegashira, he just hasn't.

宇良 和輝| Ura Kazuki

Maegashira 13 West

Stable: Kise

From: Osaka

Last 3 Basho: 12-3 (Juryo), 10-4-1 (Juryo), 10-5 (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Juryo 2 West

Once a rising star, Ura had a terrible knee injury in 2017 that dropped him from Makuuchi. Then he had a knee inury that derailed his first comeback. Ura will be one of the most fun Maegashira from Day One, as his brand of sumo is best defined as "entertainingly technical."

大奄美 元規 | Daiamami Genki

Maegashira 14 East

Stable: Oitekaze

From: Kagoshima

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 9-6, 8-7 (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Maegashira 13 West

Daiamami is still a Maegashira after a 7-8 during Natsu. This is a specific version of veteran solidity, where he can handle other people around his level most of the time. It won't be spectacular, but it will get the job done about half the time.

千代ノ皇 王代仁 | Chiyonoo Miyohito

Maegashira 14 West

Stable: Kokonoe

From: Okinawa

Last 3 Basho: 11-4 (Juryo), 8-7 (Juryo), 0-0-15 (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Juryo 1 West

Chiyonoo is back in Makuuchi for the first time since March 2017, when he was known as Chiyoo. His 11-4 from Juryo 1 in May was also his best record as a Sekitori in his whole career. At 30, he could have found a new level of sumo, but it seems highly unlikely.

剣翔 桃太郎 | Tsurugisho Momotaro

Maegashira 15 East

Stable: Oitekaze

From: Tokyo

Last 3 Basho: 4-11, 9-6, 12-3 Y (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Maegashira 8 East

Tsurugisho did not handle Maegashira 8 well, and he got knocked back down to Maegashira 15. That's one rank below where he got 9 wins in March. It's unlikely he can do that much worse than he did in May down in this part of the Banzuke.

徳勝龍 誠 | Tokushoryu Makoto

Maegashira 15 West

Stable: Kise

From: Nara

Last 3 Basho: 11-4 (Juryo), 7-8 (Juryo), 3-12

Previous Rank: Juryo 2 East

Tokushoryu is back in Makuuchi, and it's worth pointing out he is a fomer yusho winner. He also did it from this area of the Banzuke. Now, it was a year and a half ago and the rest of his career keeps showing that it was a fluke. Still, Tokushoryu is the ultimate representation that anything can happen in a basho.

千代の国 憲輝 | Chiyonokuni Toshiki

Maegashira 16 East

Stable: Kokonoe

From: Mie

Last 3 Basho: 0-4-11, 8-5-2, 0-0-15

Previous Rank: Maegashira 3 West

No one can doubt Chiyonokuni's spirit, but in his last three tournaments he has not finished all 15 days due to a knee injury, a rib injury, a thumb injury, and a COVID-related sit out. He has proven that when he mounts the dohyo, even if not fully healthy, he can compete with anyone.

石浦 鹿介 | Ishiura Shikonosuke

Maegashira 16 West

Stable: Miyagino

From: Tottori

Last 3 Basho: 7-8, 9-6 (Juryo), 0-0-15 (Juryo)

Previous Rank: Maegashira 16 East

Ishiura maintained his rank with a 7-8, because there were some disastrous reults around him. He didn't exactly prove he can escape the danger of demotion, but he held on. Whether he can hold on again is dependent on how well he can stay locked into his sumo day to day.

一山本 大生| Ichiyamamoto Daiki

Maegashira 17 East

Stable: Nishonoseki

From: Hokkaido

Last 3 Basho: 10-5 (Juryo), 10-5 (Juryo), 4-3 (Makushita)

Previous Rank: Juryo 8 East

Ichiyamamoto is the only debutant for Nagoya 2021. He makes Makuuchi as a 27 year old with 4 years pro experience, and he hasn't exactly set the lower ranks on fire. Still, he climbed his way up to here and has good skills.

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