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Natsu 2019 Day Four Recap

The story of Natsu so far seems to be that everyone keeps coming back to the middle. A huge chunk of 2-2 records after four matches, which makes the undefeated rikishi, now just three, stand out more.

M17e Chiyoshoma (2-2) wins by katasukashi over M15e Terutsuyoshi (2-2)

It's early, but this might be huge for the demotion race. Chiyoshoma will definitely need a winning record this time, and this win could be the one that seals it.

M15w Kotoeko (3-1) wins by oshitaoshi over J2w Wakatakakage (2-2)

Kotoeko occasionally has this kind of extremely impressive match, where he rallies and powers out an opponent. Of course, it is probably also worth pointing out Wakatakakage is coming up from Juryo for the day.

M14e Tokushoryu (2-2) wins by oshidashi over M16w Ishiura (1-3)

Ishiura tried a wild henka, which Tokushoryu easily read. Ishiura has gone back to his chaotic and easily beatable sumo once again, which does not bode well for his future.

M14w Enho (3-1) wins by shitatenage over M16e Daishoho (1-3)

Enho continues to be well on his way to a technique prize. An underarm throw isn't as unusual as some other kimarite, but he used it to great effect.

M13w Sadanoumi (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M12e Shimanoumi (1-3)

In the Batlle of the 'noumis, it was Sadanoumi who took the advantage with a very simple and effective yorikiri. Shimanoumi has looked horrible after dominating Juryo the last two basho.

M12w Yago (2-2) wins by hatakikomi over M13e Chiyomaru (3-1)

Yago hands Chiyomaru his first defeat with the effective slapdown. Yago is not as large as Chiyomaru, but he has enough bulk to hold his own and get the round one leaning forward.

M11w Tochiozan (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M10e Kagayaki (1-3)

Tochiozan gets back to even on Day Four with the simple yorikiri, which is not his usual style. Kagayaki looks beat up or out of sorts or both.

M11e Shohozan (3-1) wins by uwatenage over M10w Onosho (2-2)

Shohozan got Onosho a little too eager, and threw him without too many issues. Shohozan's aggressive style is similar to Onosho, but the veteran caution added on top made the difference here.

M8e Kaisei (2-2) wins by oshidashi over M9w Tomokaze (2-2)

Tomokaze has steadily climbed up through the lower ranks, but his loss to Kaisei is a reminder that Makuuchi features a different level of physicality than lower divisions.

M8w Asanoyama (4-0) wins by yorikiri over M9e Nishikigi (1-3)

For the fourth straight day, Asanoyama manages a left hand grip and keeps moving forward to get a win. This version of the Morning Mountain is one with a huge future.

M7w Meisei (1-3) wins by tottari over M6e Takarafuji (2-2)

Takarafuji got himself completely off-balance and, although it wasn't how he would have planned it, Meisei stayed up to get his first win.

M6w Yoshikaze (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M5e Myogiryu (1-3)

Powerful, reckless Yoshikaze is not readily apparent this basho, which makes him surprising to opoonents. Or at least it seemed that way against Myogiryu.

M7e Shodai (3-1) wins by yorikiri over M5w Ryuden (3-1)

Shodai proved that superior athleticism will beat solid fundamentals. Also, Ryuden isn't exactly the guy to blast Shodai at the tachiai and exploit his one weakness.

M4w Abi (3-1) wins by uwatenage over M2w Daieisho (2-2)

Speaking of superior athleticism. Abi executed perhaps the best tawara dance possible, not only flying far around at the very last second, but put him in position for a throw.

M3e Chiyotairyu (1-3) wins by tsukiotoshi over K1e Aoiyama (1-3)

In a battle of super heavyweights, Chiyotairyu got the win by moving more nimbly and avoiding Aoiyama's push. That sent Aoiyama face first to the clay.

S1e Ichinojo (2-2) wins by yorikiri over M4e Okinoumi (0-4)

Ichinojo locked in and moved forward, which was a physics problem Okinoumi (or anyone else really) will always struggle to solve.

S1w Tochinoshin (4-0) wins by yorikiri over M3w Tamawashi (1-3)

Tamawashi obviously wanted to push around the Georgian, but Tochinoshin was able to withstand it and grab his favored grip. From there, it was just a matter of time until Tochinoshin won.

O2e Takakeisho (3-1) wins by yorikiri over K1w Mitakeumi (2-2)

Takakeisho yorikiri! This had to be the most surprising combo of rikishi and kimarite imaginable, and it was a credit to his determination. Unfortuantely, he also tweaked his knee, and now he will be out for the rest of the basho as a matter of precaution.

O1w Takayasu (2-2) wins by tsukidashi over M1e Hokutofuji (1-3)

Being a Maegashira 1 isn't enjoyable. Takayasu has been off his game, but he's an Ozeki for a reason, which Hokutofuji learned the hard way.

O1e Goeido (3-1) wins by uwatenage over M1w Kotoshogiku (1-3)

The former Ozeki lost to the current Ozeki in a demonstration that Kotoshogiku still has the skils, but not the athleticism, to compete at the highest level.

Y1w Kakuryu (4-0) wins by oshidashi over M2e Endo (1-3)

Endo fought hard, but as usual Kakuryu found the one mistake he needed to exploit and forced Endo out.

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