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Natsu 2019 Day Nine Recap

With Day Nine, the first kachi-koshi have officially been achieved. Fortunately, we are still waiting on the first official machi-koshi. That being said, the shape of a tournament is developing clearly for many wrestlers.

M14w Enho (7-2) wins by hatakikomi over J1e Toyonoshima (6-3)

Toyonoshima will likely be returning to Makuuchi in July, but Enho will be well ahead of him on the banzuke. Enho here went low as usual, but managed to back off and hit a slap down when Toyonoshima started going forward.

M13w Sadanoumi (5-4) wins by yorikiri over M17e Chiyoshoma (3-6)

Sadanoumi didn't allow any of Chiyoshoma's chaos to take place, giving him an easy win. That makes Sadanoumi unlikely to get demoted, while Chiyoshoma has one more loss to play with and avoid going to Juryo.

M15e Terutsuyoshi (4-5) wins by okurigake over M13e Chiyomaru (3-6)

Chiyomaru's losing streak reaches six as he finds himself turned around and open to a Terutsuyoshi leg trip. Chiyomaru is now fighting demotion instead of aiming for kachi-koshi, while Terustuyoshi is making progress.

M16w Ishiura (4-5) wins by shitatenage over M12w Yago (3-6)

Ishiura is maybe pound for pound the strongest rikishi in Makuuchi, and he went straight after Yago for a win. Yago needs to collect a few more wins, while Ishiura requires eight to stay in the top division.

M16e Daishoho (6-3) wins by oshidashi over M12e Shimanoumi (4-5)

Daishoho is quietly putting together a nice basho and on Day Nine got the win over Shimanoumi. Shimanoumi had been seeming to right the ship, but he struggled with Daishoho's superior length and strength.

M15w Kotoeko (7-2) wins by oshidashi over M11w Tochiozan (5-4)

Kotoeko isn't always a smooth sekitori, but once again on Day Nine he used surprising strength and relentless effort to beat Tochiozan. Kotoeko is poised to shoot up the rankings in July, where he will probably land near Tochiozan.

M11e Shohozan (6-3) wins by kotenage over M14e Tokushoryu (2-7)

In March, Shohozan seemed to be struggling with aging, but he adapted by using smart sumo to post plenty of wins in May. Tokushoryu is one of the top demotion candidates so far.

M7w Meisei (5-4) wins by oshidashi over M9w Tomokaze (4-5)

Meisei and Tomokaze will be seeing a lot of each other in the future, as Meisei is 23 and Tomokaze is 24. They are also both hovering around .500, so they will be ranked near each other for Nagoya.

M7e Shodai (6-3) wins by hikiotoshi over M10e Kagayaki (2-7)

Shodai has had a very good basho, while Kagayaki has had a miserable one. Even that doesn't hint at how sad this match was, with Shodai very easily sending Kagayaki to the clay in a few seconds.

M10w Onosho (5-4) wins by oshitaoshi over M6w Yoshikaze (2-7)

Yoshikaze has seemingly lost it, and he'll fall back down the Banzuke for July. Onosho did enough to hold steady here, which means he'll probably be around this same rank for July.

M6e Takarafuji (5-4) wins by yorikiri over M9e Nishikigi (3-6)

All Takarafuji did was stand Nishikigi up from the jump, and then he just slowly and steadily sent him over the edge. Takarafuji will be around even and stay at the same basic ranking, but Nishikigi is facing a tumble.

M8w Asanoyama (8-1) wins by yoritaoshi over M5w Ryuden (6-3)

Asanoyama has a share of the lead, but before this tournament a kachi-koshi would have been a great outcome and he just got it. Ryuden has been effective, and he's poised for a promotion as well.

M3w Tamawashi (5-4) wins by oshidashi over M2w Daieisho (4-5)

Tamawashi pulled out his trademark nodowa to send Daieisho's chin back and his whole body over the edge. Both men are on the kachi-koshi/make-koshi line, and, considering the records ahead of them, they could slip into the Komusubi slots.

M3e Chiyotairyu (3-6) wins by tsukidashi over M2e Endo (3-6)

Chiyotairyu finally busted out his signature hard tachiai, which dispatched Endo with ease. That outcome shouldn't cloud the fact that both rikishi have had rough bashos, and they are in line to slip down the Banzuke.

K1w Mitakeumi (6-3) wins by oshidashi over M1e Hokutofuji (3-6)

Mitakeumi is in a favorable position with 6 wins in 9 days, as he finishes his Sanyaku opponents on Day 10 with a Tochinoshin match. Hokutofuji is racking up some losses, but he too could salvage some more with an easier upcoming schedule.

K1e Aoiyama (3-6) wins by tsukidashi over M1w Kotoshogiku (3-6)

Aoiyama did a good enough job keeping this a pushing battle to beat Kotoshogiku. Neither veteran has had the tournament they wanted, but a few more wins by either will arrest a deep drop for July.

O1e Goeido (6-3) wins by hikiotoshi over M4w Abi (6-3)

Goeido's goals for Natsu have probably shifted, and he might just be looking for 8 wins to avoid kadoban. Beating Abi by basically withstanding a hard shove, Goeido proved that Abi's success earlier in the basho will lead to much tougher opponents from here on out.

S1w Tochinoshin (8-1) gets the fusen win over O2e Takakeisho (3-4-2)

Takakeisho goes kyujo once again, guaranteeing kadoban (probationary status) at his second Ozeki basho in July. Tochinoshin, meanwhile, is two away from returning to Ozeki status with the fusen win. More importantly, he keeps pace in the yusho race with minimal effort.

O1w Takayasu (6-3) wins by yorikiri over M5e Myogiryu (3-6)

Takayasu held on seemingly forever to eventually send Myogiryu out. That stamina is Takayasu's best asset, and part of why he can be so consistent at the Ozeki rank. Myogiryu will probably fall back a little, which should also guarantee he won't face any Ozeki or Yokozuna in July.

Y1w Kakuryu (8-1) wins by yorikiri over M4e Okinoumi (2-7)

Kakuryu got the early advantage from the tachiai and easily forced out Okinoumi, who probably just wants the basho to be done. Kakuryu has been in a similar position before, but faltered when his dance card was filled with Sanyaku wrestlers. That begins in earnest in a few days, so watch out.

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