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Natsu 2019 Day Thirteen Recap

There is one thing to discuss for Day Thirteen, it seems: Did Tochinoshin's heel hit dirt outside the ring as he was throwing Asanoyama to the ground?

Officially, the record shows he did. But that only came after a mono-ii, because initially the gyoji said Tochinoshin won. Then the shimpan sitting around ringside chatted, and the decision was reversed. On first glance, it appeared Tochinoshin was clear, and a replay didn't show conclusively his foot stamped out.

This was more than one match. Asanoyama came in as the leader, with Tochinoshin one back. A Tochinoshin win would level things up, as well as give Kakuryu a share of the lead once he won. Now Asanoyama has the lead all on his own, with only Kakuryu one win back. Asanoyama merely needs to win out to get the Yusho from Maegashira 8. He gets Goeido on Day Fourteen, and almost certainly needs to see Kakuryu on Day Fifteen.

This decision also took away Tochinoshin's immediate return to Ozeki in Nagoya. On Day Fourteen, he will see Kakuryu. That is as difficult a tenth win as can be scheduled in this tournament. Presumably, he will get Goeido after that.

Tochinoshin is now sitting alonside Goeido, Tamawashi, and Meisei at 9 wins, which is a formidable enough group laying in wait. A full ten wrestlers are still able to get either kachi-koshi or make-koshi, so there are plenty of other things on tap.

And of course, the yusho is hardly settled. It would be more exciting if the leaderboard showed a three way tie, rather than the current situation.

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