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Natsu 2022 Banzuke

And we have a Banzuke! The Natsu 2022 Banzuke will begin on Sunday, May 8th, which means we just received the rankings for that basho. Here is the Banzuke, presented with the Fantasy Basho budget for each wrestler. The game will be live on Fantasizr in the next 24 hours or less. Remember, you must pick four rikishi each day, sticking to a budget of 50 or less. Here is the Banzuke, along with some commentary.


  • The same ranks are on the Banzuke as March, with Takanosho being the sole rikishi in Sanyaku with a losing record. (Barring Terunofuji, of course, who cannot be demoted as a Yokozuna.) Daieisho slides into the last Komusubi slot after his 8-7 at Maegashira #1 East for Haru.

  • That is a shame for the quartet at Maegashira #1 and #2, all of whom had Sanyaku worthy performances in March. Haru's runner-up Takayasu will be the top Maegashira, and Ichinojo joins him on the same line after his 9-6. Kiribayama and Kotonowaka were the standout young stars last time, and will look to build on that momentum.

  • With eight Sanyaku wrestlers, the joi-jin line will go to Maegashira #4 West Takanosho. However, don't expect the top 16 to all face each other. First off, no basho ever works out that perfectly. Secondly, Daieisho-Endo and Takakeisho-Takanosho would be clashes of stablemates, which is prohibited.

  • The demotion-promotion exchange with Juryo was wild. Kotokuzan and Kagayaki stayed with their 7-8, as the Banzuke committee apparently favored sending down Akua, Chiyonokuni, and Chiyomaru for terrible records last time.

  • Joining Kotokuzan and Kagayaki will be Oho, Azumaryu, and Midorifuji. They all did quite well in Juryo, making it seem like the committee was caring alot about the big numbers.

  • The biggest drops came from Meisei and Ishiura, both of whom had Haru basho to forget. They were lucky to be ranked high enough to survive as Makuuchi wrestlers.

  • At their highest ever ranks are Mitakeumi, Hoshoryu, Kotonowaka, Wakamotoharu, and Oho. For Wakamotoharu, in particular, this will be a big challenge.

Sumo starts in two weeks, but you can begin choosing your initial lineup as soon as the game is live on Fantasizr. Check back in this space to see when it is available on Fantsizr.

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