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Natsu 2024 Day Four

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Notable Maneuvers

Shitatenage. Mitakeumi was only credited with an underarm throw, but it's worth noting that he managed to unbalance Onosho with a nice little trip as he was going backwards.

Match of the Day

02 Ozeki #1 East Hoshoryu versus 12 Maegashira #2 East Hiradoumi

Hiradoumi was clearly up for this match, but then he got caught in a Hoshoryu right-hand clamp almost immediately. That usually spells a quick throw, and Hoshoryu looked like he had the angle for it. Instead, Hiradoumi kept his balance and managed to even break the grip. The Ozeki regrouped, and in the process turned around the match and even knocked down the gyoji. In the end, Hoshoryu had to go power to win with a yorikiri. The match was so disruptive that the gyoji called it while sitting down.


Your undefeated rikishi after four days of sumo are Ura, Mitakeumi, Shonannoumi, and Takarafuji. You can raise doubts about all of them, despite their performance. Ura has never started a Makuuchi basho 4-0 before. Mitakeumi still seems a step slower than his best. Shonannoumi seemed like he couldn't handle fellow Maegashira as recently as March. Takarafuji looked like his Makuuchi career was over after January's basho. Now, they lead the basho.

There is a group of rikishi at 3-1 who can threaten, especially the high-ranking quartet of Kotozakura, Abi, Onosato, and Daieisho. Since they are ranked towards the top of the Banzuke, they will control their own destinies. As long as Kotozakura keeps up his record, he will see any contender. The schedule-makers will make sure an Ozeki in yusho contention sees anyone else in yusho contention.

This basho does not seem like it will hold too many Ozeki in yusho contention, and the winnowing may be coming fast and furious for anyone with a positive record. On Day Four, Kinbozan, Ryuden, and Oshoma fell from the undefeated ranks. Ryuden fell to a rather big henka from Roga, while Oshoma just plain was beaten by Churanoumi. Shodai did Shodai things to Kinbozan, which means Kinbozan had it won until an awkward turn from the former Ozeki at the edge. Rikishi can fall away quickly in sumo.

Even the strong performers aren't necessarily storming away. Abi went high to Atamifuji, and that disrupted the big youngster despite seeming to not know what he was doing. Onosato seems like he is still figuring out just how good he is, although the ceiling is as high as anyone. Daieisho was almost out a few times against Kirishima before turning around the match. There just isn't a whole lot of rikishi locked and loaded for Natsu.

Ura may be the exception. He is usually up for anything, but that makes him inconsistent. Unfortunately for entertainment value, Ura seems to be taking a much more straightforward approach. He always had sneaky power, which was overshadowed by the turns, tricks, and flourishes. He isn't as small as he can sometimes seem against fellow rikishi. In particular, he has broad shoulders that help him withstand a heavy charge. Yet he will be at a size and strength disadvantage when he starts facing Sanyaku sometime in the next few days. Natsu certainly isn't going to make it easy for anyone.

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