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Natsu 2024 Day Seven

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Yusho Arasoi

6 Wins

09 Komusubi West Onosato

11 Maegashira #1 West Daieisho

17 Maegashira #4 West Ura

28 Maegashira #10 East Shonannoumi

41 Maegashira #16 West Takarafuji

5 Wins

03 Ozeki #1 West Kotozakura

19 Maegashira #5 West Meisei

23 Maegashira #7 West Mitakeumi

35 Maegashira #13 West Churanoumi

36 Maegashira #14 East Ryuden

37 Maegashira #14 West Oshoma

Notable Maneuvers

Shitatedashinage. Atamifuji pushed back Onosato at the tachiai, almost demonstrating that Onosato isn't the only young, ideally sized rikishi with a bright future. Onosato went all the way to the edge fighting a defensive bout. Then in a display of Ozeki-level (or dare I say it, Yokozuna-level) sumo, Onosato reversed the match and threw Atamifuji down with a pulling underarm throw that got both covered in dirt.

Match of the Day

17 Maegashira #4 West Ura versus 03 Ozeki #1 West Kotozakura

Both Ura and Kotozakura are perfectly comfortable in a lockup, and they latched on to each other with dueling grips from the start. The thing was that it wasn't all that comfortable. Ura was turned a quarter sideways, with his head in Kotozakura's upper chest. This was a better position for the bigger and at that point higher up Kotozakura, but Ura is bendy and clever enough to make it work. He never did unleash some kind of maneuver, but Kotozakura used his power to disengage. That made it a shoving match where Ura was moving backwards. It was also an easy win at that point for the Ozeki.


Kotozakura knocked Ura back into the one-loss group, where he joins 4 other rikishi in a five-way tie for the yusho lead. Meanwhile, Kotozakura stayed on two losses, so he is in a six-way tie for second place and one win off the top. Eleven rikishi can't all stay in this tight a bunch as we progress through the basho, but right now they all have a fighting chance. So not only did Kotozakura hand Ura his first loss, but blew the yusho race back open with eight more days left.

And those rikishi also feel like the ones who have avoided going kyujo. On Day Seven, Kirishima and Wakamotoharu both withdrew. That guarantees Kirishima will drop down to Sekiwake for July. Officially, it was called a "spine injury" in the very sumo way of almost saying "We don't know exactly, but it's bad enough he needs to rest until this tournament is done." Wakamotoharu has a toe injury that could be day-to-day. For now, they join Terunofuji, Takakeisho, Asanoyama, Takayasu, and Takerufuji as rikishi who are out with injury.

That injury-driven thinning of the top of the basho will help impact the yusho race. Kotozakura and Hoshoryu, the two Ozeki still competing, will switch their Day Six opponents for Day Seven. The Maegashira #4 pair of Oho and Ura are dangerous. Oho knocked off Hoshoryu on Day Six, in a match he is always more up for than any other. Ura was undefeated until running into the unmovable object that is Kotozakura. But then Days Eight through about Thirteen get complicated. They need to see each other in the end, and Onosato and Abi are the other two Sanyaku men left. Onosato and Kotozakura have already met, so the possible final matchups are fairly limited.

And all those men will be seeing a lot more mid-Maegashira. This is also true for Daieisho, who is just out Sanyaku at Maegashira #1 and in a share of the lead at 6-1. Ura, Meisei, and Mitakeumi are contenders in mid-Maegashira. Then there's a clutch of rikishi below Maegashira #10 who are currently at one or two losses. If any of them survive facing their similarly-ranked rivals, they will be likely Sanyaku opponents at a relatively deep point in the basho.

Pulling back to the more immediate and known matches, Day Eight will keep winnowing the leaderboard. Onosato and Daieisho will face off, as will Shonnanoumi and Mitakeumi in mid-Maegashira and Ryuden and Takarafuji towards the bottom of the Banzuke. Staying in this yusho race is going to take hard work from now on. That's because of Ura's loss to Kotozakura on Day Seven, which is also the perfect demonstration of how things can change.

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