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Natsu 2024 Day Six

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Yusho Arasoi

6 Wins

17 Maegashira #4 West Ura

5 Wins

09 Komusubi West Onosato

11 Maegashira #1 West Daieisho

23 Maegashira #7 West Mitakeumi

28 Maegashira #10 East Shonannoumi

36 Maegashira #14 East Ryuden

37 Maegashira #14 West Oshoma

41 Maegashira #16 West Takarafuji

Notable Maneuvers

Shonannoumi was officially credited with a yorikiri, but the actual ending of his match with Nishikifuji happened because he quickly kicked at Nishikifuji and the Isegahama man stepped out briefly. It was a nifty little move to stay one off the lead.

Match of the Day

23 Maegashira #7 West Mitakeumi versus 17 Maegashira #4 West Ura

In a battle of two undefeated rikishi, the winner was in a prime position to take the yusho lead. Both were clearly on point, as Ura went straight in and Mitakeumi bottled him right up. This seemed to favor Mitakeumi, because Ura was in what should have been an extremely uncomfortable lean. Instead, Ura held firm for a mini-stalemate. As Mitakeumi began moving forward after a little but, Ura went to the side, grabbed an arm, and took a mawashi grip to make sure he was the only rikishi at 6-0.


It's Ura's basho now. After Takarafuji lost to Oshoma in a sloppy bout, the winner of Mitakeumi-Ura would be the sole leader. Ura managed to avoid the slipping and falling that seemed to plague most matches on Day Six, jumping to the top of the mountain. This is a bigger deal than it may initially seem. Day Seven sees Ura get a jump in strength of schedule, when he faces Ozeki Kotozakura. That is actually an understandable match, as Kotozakura needs to face the other top 15 men competing, and he has already seen the Maegashiras #1-#3 who are competing.

Kotozakura has been an extremely strong competitor, and his no-nonsense style can be a good anecdote to Ura's variety of tricks. Kotozakura will keep his feet wide, look to get his hands around the smaller man, and keep the match compact. What makes this matchup more intriguing in this basho is that Ura has also been contained. The flourish has shown up at times, but Ura has been happy to take opponents head on, grab a hold, and find an opening. That's the match he is likely to have with Kotozakura.

Yet on Day Seven Kotozakura cannot match Ura's record, since Kotozakura lost to Onosato on Day Six. The match was much more a credit to Onosato. The shin-Sanyaku man got a right-hand grip, and was able to move the very large Ozeki with the best fundamentals in sumo out with one hand while moving sideways. It's a crazy sign of practical strength and ability. It also marked Onosato as a possible yusho favorite. Kotozakura will likely watch the tape and wonder if he could have done anything differently. Certainly, no one should watch the Onosato-Kotozakura match and think Onosato is easy to beat.

Onosato is also the only Sanyaku wrestler sitting at 5-1 right now. Daieisho is also there as a Maegashira #1, with a wealth of recent Sanyaku experience. The other one-loss rikishi are Maegashira who are likely to collide at some point in the next few days. They also have the recent track records of rikishi who could fall to anyone on any day. One of Mitakeumi, Shonannoumi, Ryuden, Oshoma, and Takarafuji can survive it and stay on one loss. Just don't expect all of them to do it, and don't be surprised if they all fall back.

The must-watch match for each day will involve Ura until he picks up a loss. He'll still be one of the main rikishi to follow even after he picks up a loss. Ura is a 31 year old rikishi with a wild injury history most well known for his style on the dohyo. In fact, he is barely above .500 for his Makuuchi career. But he is fighting as well as he ever has, and he now has a real chance at the Emperor's Cup.

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