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Natsu 2024 Predictions

The basho is about to start, but you still have time to sign up to play Fantasy Basho on Fantasizr.


With one day left, once again I will stick my neck out to make predictions for the upcoming basho. The ones for Haru really weren't so bad. I had Hoshoryu, Onosato, and Takerufuji all getting ten wins or more. They did. I had Nishikigi and Daiamami struggling. They did. Yet I also had two huge misses on seeing success for Terunofuji and Kirishima. Injuries will do that. Someone who is looking good right now may get an injury in the first few days.

These predictions consider the Torikumi for Day One and Two. That means neither Asanoyama nor Takerufuji will be getting any wins in this prediction. They may come back, but that's introducing an extra layer of complexity to something that should be a last bit of fun before live action. I do have the kind of number for Terunofuji that would indicate he is going to pull out injured at some point. As the Yokozuna, he will be expected to pull out if he is roughly even after a week of matches. A less than 100% Kaiju can dominate, but a 75% one may struggle.

Here's hoping a Hoshoryu yusho happens, and he gets one step closer to the rope. But an Onosato or Kotozakura would be fun, too. Daily recaps start tomorrow, and we have two weeks to see how these predictions did.

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