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Power Rankings Natsu 2019

With the Banzuke officially released, that means we can also take stock of brand new Power Rankings for the Natsu basho. Before we get too into the weeds of the rankings, here's a reminder on how they work. The Power Rankings are calculated based on a rikishi's performance in the last three basho. The point total for the most recent basho (in this case Haru), is multiplied by three is added to the second most recent by two (Hatsu) and the point total of the third most recent basho (Kyushu.) Then Sanyaku wrestlers get a "Bonus" for their ranks. Yokozuna receive 50 bonus points, Ozeki 30, Sekiwake 20, and Komusubi 10. Wrestlers who were in Juryo for any stretch receive their win total there as a point total for that basho.

Alright, the Power Rankings:


  • Hakuho stands supreme, as with most sumo-related numbers. More notably, he does that by a wide margin while having not participated in the Kyushu basho. A recent 15-0 record and a Yokozuna bonus are certainly helpful in that regard.

  • Takakeisho's consistency of late is what propels him to the number two slot. As always, it should be kept in mind he is just 22.

  • Ichinojo's recent excellent performance has made him look nearly as good in the Power Rankings as Takakeisho, though.

  • The two rikishi most victimized by having recent strong Juryo performances are Tomokaze and Shimanoumi. Tomokaze won 9 in his first Makuuchi tournament in March, after dominating Juryo. Shimanoumi dominated Juryo to an even greater extent. Of course, Shimnoumi is much older than Tomokaze, so that should be taken into account.

  • The Power Rankings seem to be saying that the bottom chunk of rikishi are just not worth touching. Watch one of them get double digit wins.

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